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124: Heart Not Hustle: Mastering Authentic Sales Strategies

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Having the most innovative and spectacular product in the world doesn’t mean much if you can’t sell it. And no matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, you’re in the business of selling.

The energy flows as Melissa welcomes the vibrant Natasha Hemmingway, Sales Coach & Consultant, speaker, and founder of Heart Not Hustle. She’s an expert in authentic sales processes and strategies for start-ups, corporations, and entrepreneurs, who want to maximize their sales with heart not hustle. Listen in as these dynamic women talk about commitment, work ethic, and the importance of the business journey.

By the end of this episode, you’ll wonder why you’re playing so small.


Topics discussed in this episode:

start-ups corporations entrepreneurship sales sales wins sales coach sales consultant commitment season of learning work ethic speaker business journey don’t compare conversions money mindset sales process & strategy sales success LinkedIn


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