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125: Are You the Bottleneck in Your Life and Business?

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Psst – here’s a little secret – no one can do it all! Don’t be the bottleneck in your life, business, and wellness because you’re scared to loosen your grip on the reins.

A wise mind knows when it’s time to get some help. That’s because protecting your energy may be one of the most important ways to prevent burnout. Melissa shares how being task-oriented in her business and in her household is the key to her success. She shares her best practices for giving away jobs that zap your spirit and holding tight to the ones that bring you joy.

If you’re looking to truly expand your business then learning how to delegate is a skill you need to get good at. Listen in!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • delegation
  • work from home mom
  • decision fatigue
  • expansion
  • manage your energy
  • stop overwhelm
  • hiring help sourced
  • transition from work to mom
  • protect your energy
  • saving time
  • be present
  • house manager
  • clear your mind
  • create space
  • personal assistant
  • LinkedIn

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