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143: Monumental Lessons From Bali

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Sometimes you have to let go to find your path.  Releasing control and allowing life to unfold is so hard for most of us to do.   But with acceptance and openness, the way forward becomes crystal clear.

After a soul-enhancing trip to Bali, Melissa’s back with a wealth of wisdom and a fresh vision.  In today’s episode, she’ll talk about traversing the unknown, conscious surrendering, creating space, and embracing gratefulness.

Melissa’s contagious energy and enthusiasm for continuous growth is an inspiration and will have you hooked!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Bali
  • traversing the unknown
  • conscious surrendering
  • gratitude
  • energy
  • creating space
  • spirituality
  • higher source
  • giving thanks
  • mental health
  • grateful mindset
  • fear of unknown
  • trust
  • spiritual growth
  • personal growth
  • energy healing
  • LinkedIn

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