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145: Behind Every Great Leader Is An Irreplaceable Executive Assistant

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Mastering the art of delegation is how you rise up.  Imagine having the perfect sidekick who will protect your energy, prioritize your tasks and manage your time so you have the space to build great things.

In this episode, we’ll shine a spotlight on the unsung hero of Burnout To All Out, Executive Assistant Alli Wright.  Alli is an indispensable powerhouse who keeps things running smoothly with her kickass organizational skills, unwavering dedication and ability to fill in all the gaps.  She’s the glue that holds it all together.

Ready to hire an assistant?  You’ll want to listen to this first!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • executive assistant
  • right hand girl
  • protect your energy
  • work/life harmony
  • detail oriented
  • hiring
  • entrepreneurs
  • outsourcing
  • behind the scenes
  • organization
  • filling in the gaps
  • business success
  • business growth
  • LinkedIn

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