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173: Mastering High-Ticket Sales

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In this vintage episode retrieved from the archives, the impact of your selling skills on your business takes center stage. Are you unintentionally undervaluing or prematurely concluding sales with your clients? Melissa delves into the realm of high-ticket sales, prompting you to identify your target audience, understand their hangouts, and master the art of authentic conversations. Unveiling the four common mistakes hindering success in closing high ticket sales, Melissa highlights the surprisingly simple solutions.


Beyond the pitfalls, she guides listeners on effective strategies for sealing the deal during high-ticket calls. Ever wondered about the optimal time to pitch a high-ticket item? Melissa sheds light on decision fatigue and advises maintaining clarity in conversations while creating an “impression of increase” during connection calls. Intrigued? Tune in to this episode of Burn Out to All Out for a revelation-packed session with Melissa that won’t disappoint.


Topics discussed in this episode:


High ticket sales

Sales Skills

Business transformation

Psychology of Influence

Tone and pace

Decision fatigue

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“Her energy is always refreshing. I love being able to apply her strategies to whatever my project is at the moment.”

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