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202: How To Build Your Ideal Network Using The Human Touch

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Jumping into the world of automation to make connections might seem like a real time-saver … but nothing beats the good ‘ol human touch when it comes to reaching your ideal audience.

In Melissa’s signature tell-it-like-it-is style, she’ll explain why relying on automation tools for outreach may end up back-firing on you.

Tune in to today’s hot seat coaching session to get the lowdown!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • active engagement
  • networking
  • networking strategy
  • ideal buyer persona
  • quality connections
  • active users
  • look at the data
  • ideal audience
  • lack of engagement
  • human connection
  • LinkedIn™


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“Her energy is always refreshing. I love being able to apply her strategies to whatever my project is at the moment.”

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