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104: Building Your Community Before Building Your Bank Account

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Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you noticed the almost overwhelming amount of Black Friday specials flooding the online space this season. Maybe you had one yourself. Have you ever wondered what makes one a smashing success and another a disappointing flop?


In this episode, Melissa has all the answers. She’ll share her 3 no-fail tips on how to create a Black Friday special that can’t be beat. Hint: none of them include slapping together a flimsy deal at the last minute. You’ll discover that laying the foundation by building your community is the most important step.


If you want to generate an irresistible Black Friday special that will kill it in 2023, this episode is for you.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Black Friday
  • psychology of spending
  • building community
  • building trust
  • creating value
  • free community
  • paid communities
  • nurture your audience
  • networking events
  • brand awareness
  • free value
  • email nurture
  • consistency
  • laying the foundation

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