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167: Elevate Your Mastermind Game

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Another lesson from the vault! Did you know that you’re basically a human reflection of the six people you hang out with the most? It’s like your personal vibe squad! So, if you’re itching for some serious personal growth, it’s time to seek out the cool cats who can teach you a thing or two. And guess what? Masterminds are like the VIP lounge for meeting those awesome folks.


In this episode, Melissa spills the beans on why she intentionally likes being the “dumbest” and “brokest” person in the room. It’s a genius move, trust us. She’ll dish out the top four nuggets of wisdom she snagged at her latest mastermind gathering and why weaving these gems into your business is like leveling up in a video game.


After tuning in to Melissa’s pearls of wisdom, you’ll be itching to shake up your friend group and dive into new, thrilling circles. Get ready to scout for pals in the coolest places!


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • masterminds
  • live events
  • invest in your business
  • growth opportunity
  • mentorship
  • networking
  • entrepreneur isolation
  • business growth
  • mentorship
  • business advice
  • intellectual property
  • energetic exchange
  • wealth is possible
  • nurture your clients


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