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119: Endurance Training for Entrepreneurs: Key Takeaways from a Half Marathon

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Creating a wildly successful business isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. You’ll never cross the finish line unless you understand that the key to becoming a thriving entrepreneur is prepping for the long haul.


Melissa’s zone of genius is helping you visualize ways to meet your biggest goals. Today’s episode is no exception. How does conquering a long-distance race ignite ingenious tips and advice for running a business? Only Melissa can answer that!


Listen in as she breaks it all down and inspires you to look at entrepreneurship from a whole new perspective.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • mentor
  • stay on pace
  • burnout
  • healthy CEO
  • planning milestone goals
  • pace yourself in business
  • check in with your business
  • run your race
  • mental tenacity
  • push through adversity
  • rest and recovery
  • discipline
  • improve by 1%
  • breath is everything
  • taking care of you
  • resilience
  • growth mindset
  • LinkedIn

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