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112: Harness Your Inner Entrepreneurial Spirit with Justin Benson

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Systems and automations may make your eyes glaze over, but they are the backbone of a streamlined, well-run business. Now’s the time to make friends with technology because it’s set to become the modern entrepreneur’s greatest tool.


In today’s episode Justin Benson, serial entrepreneur, half nerd, half real estate expert, and founder of the Bara Agency chats with Melissa about his spectacular success as a multiple business owner. Justin’s groundbreaking technology, designed for real estate companies, proves that automating tasks can give service-based businesses the space they need to be human again.


If you’re looking to save time in your business (and who isn’t!) and you aren’t afraid of innovative tech software, this one’s for you!


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • real estate technology
  • serial entrepreneur
  • real estate agency
  • financial literacy
  • tech nerd
  • real estate company
  • automation
  • systems
  • integration
  • scale your business
  • service industry

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