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105: Marketing for the Senses with Hannah Nieves

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Why are companies like Ikea, McDonald’s, and Apple so good at irrational customer loyalty? It’s because they are geniuses at branding. They know that the way you make someone feel is just as important as the quality of your product or service.


Mover and shaker, Hannah Nieves, joins Melissa on today’s podcast to talk about the importance of creating a sensory experience to build a memorable brand. Hannah is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, creative visionary, and voice of inspiration. She knows a thing or two about building wildly successful businesses – including her own consulting firm – through exceptional branding and marketing.


Keep your business top of mind with these incredibly simple, yet highly effective tips.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • marketing
  • branding
  • PR
  • multidisciplinary entrepreneur
  • burnout lessons
  • consulting agency
  • invest in your business
  • entrepreneurial mindset
  • sensory experience
  • brand experience
  • brand visuals
  • brand mood
  • brand consistency
  • simple marketing

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