Melissa henault

Recap of the Most Fun, Chaotic, and Unpredictable Event

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If you’re like most of us, Zoom fatigue has dug in its heels and you’re hungering for human connection. A global pandemic has probably got you thinking that an online presence is the only one that matters. As it turns out, the real, in-person you can make a much bigger impact.


Melissa puts her money where her mouth is as she recounts the unbelievable story of how her problem-solving skills, grit, unwavering faith, and laser focus got her through unexpected roadblocks to host a successful and unforgettable live event. She’ll talk about the importance of mindset, the power of networking, mind/body connection, and how priceless community really is.


If you’ve been thinking of stepping onto stages, this episode is definitely for you. The dynamics of organic, spontaneous human conversations should never be forgotten or underestimated.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • live events
  • elevate
  • networking
  • business strategies
  • human connection
  • energetics
  • prioritizing joy
  • community
  • respond don’t react
  • what you focus on you find
  • manifestation
  • overcoming roadblocks


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