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The Difference Between Owning a Company And Just Having a Job

Systems and automations may make your eyes glaze over, but they are the backbone of a streamlined, well-run business.

Now’s the time to make friends with technology because it’s set to become the modern entrepreneur’s greatest tool.

In today’s episode on the Burnout to All Out Podcast, Justin Benson, serial entrepreneur, half nerd, half real estate expert and founder of the Bara Agency chats with me about his success in owning multiple businesses.

Justin’s cutting-edge technology, specifically designed for real estate companies, proves that automating tasks can give service-based business owners the space they need to be human again.

In this episode, we dive into:

✅ How strong SOP’s earned Justin $90k while on family vacation

✅ Business technology shifts everyone will be making in the next 5 years

✅ How to use technology to increase accountability

If you want to maximize your time and effort in your business (who doesn’t?!) and if you’re open to exploring new and innovative tech solutions, then this episode is for you!

🎧 Head to the link below to listen to the full episode! 🎙

🎧 Listen to the Burnout to All Out Podcast:

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