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117: The Power of Radical Pivots: Ati Grinspun’s Journey of Growth and Success

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In today’s digital age, the way you present yourself to the world is more important than ever. Creating a strong personal brand is crucial if you want to stand out in the crowd, establish credibility, generate loyalty, and ultimately boost your income.

Ati Grinspun is a stand-out branding coach and photographer who helps women, who are the face of their business, build profitable personal brands that make massive waves in their industry. In this episode Melissa and Ati discuss how taking radical action and sticking to your business vision can catapult you into becoming a 6-figure business owner.

Ati’s impactful story and energetic enthusiasm will convince you that when it comes to modern marketing you already have your most valuable asset. You!


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • brand photographer
  • marketing coach
  • personal branding
  • radical action
  • branding
  • attraction marketing
  • brand expert
  • business vision
  • zone of genius
  • business mindset
  • delegate
  • risk tolerance
  • entrepreneurship
  • radical business growth
  • invest in your business
  • LinkedIn

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The Enneagram Ripple with Tracey O’Malley –


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