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114: The Risk and Responsibility of Entrepreneurship with Matt Marek

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Becoming a top entrepreneur requires a unique set of skills and characteristics. There’s no secret formula, except having the willingness to fail before you succeed.


Melissa goes deep with Matt Merek, founder of Good Neighbor, the largest healthcare provider of mental health and disability services in Virginia. This accomplished entrepreneur started his business at the age of 24 and proved that with tenacity and drive anything is possible.


Matt’s inspiring story highlights the fact that creativity, resiliency, and adaptability are the winning traits of every successful entrepreneur. If you’ve always wanted to take your passion for innovation to the next level, this is the episode for you.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • entrepreneurship
  • CEO
  • business mindset
  • mental health
  • health care systems
  • business growth
  • know your customer
  • business opportunities
  • innovation
  • inclusivity
  • resiliency
  • adaptability
  • burnout

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