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Position your business at the forefront with unparalleled access to an engaged and action-oriented audience. At Burnout to All Out Live, we aren’t just offering you a booth space; we’re providing an entryway to premier opportunities for business growth and expansion.

October 6-7, 2023

Nashville, Tennessee

Why partner with us?

Exponential exposure: Tap into Melissa’s curated audience of over 98,629 combined followers across various platforms and channels. Every booth placement comes with a promise of visibility via event marketing emails, print materials, and social media content to maximize your potential to get fresh eyes on your business, drive traffic to your website and socials, and generate leads that convert into sales.

Strategic positioning: Cut through the noise of traditional marketing avenues. As a booth vendor, you get a direct channel to present your brand to a highly engaged audience without the heavy lifting of gaining that level of visibility from scratch.

Prosperous audience demographics: Our event attracts attendees who are not just enthusiastic and growth-minded, but also financially well-positioned. Benefit from showcasing your services, products, or offers to an audience with proven buying power and the authority to invest.

Photos from our 2022 Event

Who attends?


Age range: Predominantly 30-59
Estimated average income: $69,301 — Notably above the average personal annual income in the United States ($63,214), signifying both purchasing power and investing capabilities.



Go-getters: Highly motivated folks who are proactive in pursuing business opportunities and personal growth.
Team players: Entrepreneurs who value the synergy of collective wisdom and shared learning experiences that stem from aligned minds getting in the same room.
Visionaries: Forward-thinkers always on the lookout for disruptive ideas and trends.
Proactive thinkers: Solution-seekers actively looking for tools, services, and partnerships to grow their businesses and improve their quality of life.


Digital CEOs: Those who leverage technology to work from anywhere, valuing flexibility, freedom, and autonomy.
Conscious entrepreneurs: Individuals who incorporate mindful and intentional practices into their daily routines and business models.
Lifelong learners: Attendees who consistently invest in courses, seminars, and books for personal and professional development.


Innovation: Curious about emerging technologies and optimization techniques and their application in business.
Networking & collaboration: A passion for building genuine relationships and forging strategic partnerships.
Business workshopping: Engaging actively in hands-on business development sessions to refine and redefine strategies.
Personal mastery: An interest in self-improvement modalities, from guided meditation to mindset work.
Local & global markets: A balance of support for small businesses and an eye on global trends and opportunities.

Opinions, Attitudes, and Beliefs:

Value-driven commerce: A belief in purposeful business that benefits both companies and consumers.
Business Alchemy: A belief that the right combination of support, strategy, and mindset can transform any business challenge.
Value of expertise: Respect and eagerness to learn from those who’ve walked the path before them.
Life & business harmony: A belief in maintaining work-life balance and prioritizing whole-life health.
Digital transformation: The opinion that embracing digital tools and platforms is non-negotiable for modern success.


Integrity: Prioritizing ethical practices and transparency.
Community: Valuing collaborative efforts and the power of community in driving change.
Holistic success: Valuing success not just in terms of revenue, but in personal fulfillment, mental and physical well-being, and intentional living.
Continuous evolution: Embracing change, adaptability, and the ever-evolving journey of life as an entrepreneur.
Purpose over profit: The value of meaningful impact over mere monetary gains.



30,987 avg. monthly visitors


18,280 community members


32,072 subscribers




11,489 connections


273 subscribers

Melissa has meticulously built and nurtured her audience over the course of several years. With a small one-time investment, you can get a slice of the visibility pie and leapfrog your competitors without spending any additional hours on marketing or lead generation efforts.

Burnout to All Out Live is a breeding ground for inspiration, collaboration, and tangible growth. Engage with an audience that resonates with your brand ethos.

Spaces are limited. Apply today and let’s make your business the talk of the town!

Melissa Henault - Business Strategies for the Modern Entrepreneur
Melissa Henault Featured on Logos

Meet Your Host, Melissa Henault

Pharm.D., Founder and CEO of Burnout to All Out

While experiencing burnout in corporate as a senior leader in a Fortune 500, Melissa decided to take her corporate leadership skills to the internet and built an exit plan. She leveraged the power of LinkedIn in the pockets of her time to build her first E-Commerce business.

She grew her first online business to match her corporate income in less than 2 years and retired from corporate at the age of 35.

Melissa has since applied her own tried and true LinkedIn Method recruitment model to build her own 7 figure coaching business. She teaches others how to land high ticket clients and business partnerships on LinkedIn, as well as teaches others how to build and monetize their personal brands, business management, and leadership skills in the online space. Her passion outside of being wife and mom of 3, is teaching others how to build their online empires and brands through her coaching.

Empowering more professionals to go from Burnout to living ALL OUT!!




✔︎ 1 – 6 ft booth table to sell your products at the event

✔︎ Your preferred items added to the swag bag

✔︎ Logo on event booklet

✔︎ 1 – Group sponsor carousel post on Melissa’s IG



✔︎ 1 – 6 ft booth table to sell your products at the event

✔︎ Your preferred items added to the swag bag

✔︎ Logo on event booklet

✔︎ 1 – Group sponsor carousel post on Melissa’s IG

✔︎Custom table runner and prop banner delivered to the venue and shipped back to you after the event

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