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Knowing how and when to pitch your product or service comes with experience. There’s no one-size-fits-all technique. But one thing is clear — it’s who you know that counts!  

In this session, Melissa has her client Noelle in the hot seat with the million-dollar question: What’s the best way to get conversions on your offer?

If you want some killer tips on strategic selling this one’s for you!

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Noelle: [00:00:00] As I'm building the Health Hui, it's just such a massive project.

Like there's so many moving parts that it's. I'm thinking about really launching that in September because there's so much networking that I feel like is part of it, that I wanna just launch something right now. And so I wanted to launch a course I had been thinking about maybe for a month, and really just helping, you know, online mom entrepreneurs, just set themselves up for success and like create this community and kind of test out all the platforms that I'm creating for the Health Hui with this almost focus group of health and wellness business women.

So that I kind of wanna see if they're like good candidates to kind of bring in and partner with as well. So it's kinda like a test slash let's make money slash I wanna pour into and see like what I can provide

Melissa: . I love that. And by the way, like that's how the Academy started. It was a really small group, it was a short little program, it was a low price point, and then we evolved it as we went and learned the platforms.

Noelle: I need to basically [00:01:00] launch it next week. Like, so my launch week will be next week, friday will be live and ready to go. And now I'm just like, what does that look like for the, I just wanna make sure I have all my ducks in the row for like a launch schedule. Mm-hmm. if knowing that I'm starting on May 3rd, like that's when it begins, it will be live, everything will be good this Friday in, in terms of like the backend, and what I need to know, what I need to do, what I need to plan for.

Melissa: are you, are you running a masterclass or you're just selling it?

Noelle: if I can pull it together, I was thinking of breaking up, kind of like, yeah, like if I'm gonna do four like courses, kind of, you know mm-hmm. For classes within the month, kind of doing like a four day, five day, I could do it next week.

A masterclass, right? Mm-hmm.

Melissa: Yeah. So the, the key though is gonna be, I mean, it's Tuesday, right? how many people do you want to actually opt into your program? and know that with your warm market, this is the first time you've ever done it. You may get, you may get a seven to 8% conversion [00:02:00] rate, but you won't get that again after the first launch.

So just know that if you invite, if a hundred people register, about seven to eight will purchase now with your next launch. If a hundred people register about one to three are gonna purchase your warm market, it's just like network marketing. You guys, when you're launching your first in network marketing, you tap outta your warm market first.

It's the same thing with launching your first launch. It's all your warm market and that the conversion rates are higher. And then the next time you launch, you're working harder for those sales, right? You've gotta build a bigger network. You've gotta continue networking. You've gotta get more warm bodies in front.

You've gotta constantly grow your pipeline for launching just like you do in in any, like anything. so the question is gonna be, I would be going to, again, I, this is the advice I've given to you guys already is are there power partnerships? Are there people you can get in front of that have networks that would be willing to share this information?

do you think that you're really targeting women in, in direct sales who [00:03:00] would want your help? Or is this just women in general? Because if it's women in direct sales, do you have power partnerships or women you could reach out to, and maybe even have a referral program for them?

Hey, this could really help your team grow this summer. if they joined this program, and I'll give you a affiliate kickback, X, Y, z. Like this first launch might not be about making a ton, ton of money, but more about, building the network, getting the results, you know, fine tuning the process. but I would be thinking about power, partnerships and kickbacks for people who enroll and really selling it to the power partnerships as helping their businesses grow through their teams being engaged.

And like I would be selling the shit out of it right now. Cause you've got a couple days, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday basically. So, yeah, on social, right? Yeah.

Noelle: So, okay. Is it to crunch to do like a masterclass? Cause I feel like I'll be selling my masterclass and I'm selling this.

Should I literally just like reach out to people and have [00:04:00] these conversations?

Melissa: You're highly networked and you're credible cuz you've been really successful.

My first cohort at the academy, it was just a bunch of women in link. Like I didn't know how to do launches. You guys, I did, I did 20,000 in sales before I ever learned how to launch. It was just inviting people in the network. I didn't know what a masterclass was. I just tapped into my network and said, here's this thing I'm gonna be doing.

Here's when the. Class starts, would you be interested? Like it was, I mean, it was boots on the ground networking and finding warm bodies that were interested. So I think that you may be putting too much on yourself to promote and sell a masterclass next week that you haven't built yet, then run it and then sell into something else.

I would just give a deadline for the, program and start networking and selling it with a deadline of when the program is gonna start. Okay. That's where I got my first 12 people in, in my little miniature LinkedIn course.[00:05:00]

In turnover Rocks, you know, where most of those women came from, for me was that mommy millionaire group that I was in with Kayla.

Right. So what are these groups you're in with other women, where you can kind of leverage your celebrity status without, you know, violating people's Facebook policies with their groups?

Noelle: just my last sub question is, I was gonna go all in on just the health and then I'm like, I kind of just wanna launch this as myself, like my personal brand. So now I'm like, do I need my own website? Can I be under the health I'd rather keep things simple. I also don't want it to be confusing for anyone else.

Melissa: If I had to do it all over again myself, I totally would've bought my name for my website. and I launched my network marketing business. when I really leveraged, when I went over to LinkedIn and I was recruiting for the business, I needed a page, a webpage that directed people to me and not my company.

Cuz I really wanted to be seen as like the business owner. And so [00:06:00] I named my website the name of my network marketing team, which was Team Live the Free Life. So if you guys go type it in, like it's live, the free or whatever, you know, and. it evolved to burnout to All Out, which Jackie had did some kind of fancy, somehow she's connected to the two.

So if you type in burnout to All it takes you there.

So if you go to my website, like if I had to do it all over again, it would be Melissa Alt and then there'd be different sub offers. Right? could have to help. We as like, within the website to click on. Just like for me you have the LinkedIn Method Academy, business Basics, the Mastermind, they're all different names.

Now we have hypno breath work, right? We even had the LinkedIn method or we had the, the agency. Right. But it was all like in my, like pie in the sky. It all would've been under Melissa Al the brand. And instead of live the free, which is where it is right now, right? and we've converted it to burnout to All Out, but it gives you more latitude [00:07:00] with your name to have sub offers in any different swim.

You Lord knows where you'll be in three years and what you'll be investing in and what you'll be selling. and you probably would rather have like all the branding and the work that's been done, were for health. We, it's not a loss. You're still gonna use it on your website. It's just gonna be what they click on to learn more about health.

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