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If you want conversions, never underestimate the power of connection.

Melissa lays down her sage wisdom in this week’s hot seat coaching session and tells you why having a must-have opt-in and a value-based email sequence is the quickest way to find success in sales.

Listen in and get the important tips you need to nail your next launch. 

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I was confused about, um, the opt-in and conversion events. 'cause I was thinking an opt-in is a freebie.

I can't, I mean, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that's another money block or something that I have, but I, I just can't see an opt-in if it's gonna be a checklist. 'cause I still haven't decided that yet. That's the one thing I haven't decided is, um, how is that going to get them to come into our masterclass, which has to be.

Close to $2,000 because the d n a itself is gonna, is a thousand dollars. So it has to be, it's, it's a high ticket. Like it may be a high ticket to you, Melissa, but to those of us who've, like, this is my first launch. So to me, yeah, it's a little overwhelming to be asking for that when I haven't done this before, so I'm having some of that, listen, I was shaking in my boots to charge people a hundred dollars for my class when I first started, so I wouldn't be upset charging a hundred.

But this is just a, [00:01:00] so I'm trying to figure out, I, I just can't see how, if I do a checklist, how that's gonna get them to go, oh, here's $2,000. You know? So I feel I have to do some sort of conversion event in order to get them in. And in my mind, I always had like a three day, you know, 'cause I like, I'm, I'm okay with going live and webinars and all that stuff.

I'm okay with all of that. Yeah. Because I've been gone live, but like, 12, 13 times in a row and then I, I just stopped doing my show 'cause I was bored of it. Um, but I did 36 episodes of like an hour long show. Um, and I think 12 were live. So that's not an issue. I guess I'm just trying to figure out if that's the right thing to do to get people to come into, it's gonna be eight weeks, one hour session per week because the d n A takes four weeks to come back.

So we need that time to Yeah. You know, to go over, you know, what nutrigenomics are and all, all that stuff. And she's gonna do the [00:02:00] first two days talking about epigenetics and, and what it's all about. And then I'm gonna do mindset and um, that type of thing, but I just don't know what the best avenue is to get them to give me the lens.

Yeah. So the, I think the disconnect, if I'm hearing you correctly, and hopefully I can help kind of tease this out for you. How the opt-in relates to a conversion event for us is the opt-in is long game. So the opt-in gets the email. Yeah, the opt-in is not directly related to the conversion event. Okay. So at any point in the 365 days of my business, someone can opt into my checklist, they can find it in the featured section of my LinkedIn account, they can find it.

Um, on my website, we actually run, we spend about $400 a month on ads for it. So I literally, it's just out there 365 days a year just floating in the [00:03:00] space for people to click on it. And when they click on it, it's when I present anywhere, it's the last QR code on my slide deck, like literally wherever I go, I'm trying to grab emails right.

Where the conversion event happens is before every about two weeks, before we sell anything, about two weeks before we sell anything. Now, remember, we're nurturing during that whole time. Hopefully, you guys are all on my email list. We're sending you value every single week, right? We're giving you reasons to open the email.

We have a 50% open rate, I think, which is insane, right? 40 to 60. Oh, thank you. Yeah, 40 to 60%. So people are opening, opening, opening, right? This goes back to the marketing campaign with Sadie, right? We look at the calendar and say, uh oh, we're gonna launch business basics in two weeks. So in the next two weeks, we need to write some copy that we're gonna [00:04:00] drip in between and our email list to invite our email list to come to this workshop.

Uh, oh. We're, we're two weeks out from our next launch for LinkedIn Method Academy. Let's make sure we pull out some value emails and stuff in there. Some sales emails. So we're not doing it all year long, but we are selling people into a conversion event when it's time to ramp up for it, right? In between conversion events.

Value, value, value. I go back to Gary V, right? The right hook. Right hook, right hook, right or no. Jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab is value, value, value, value, value, value. So that when we do wanna sell them, they open the email 'cause they've gotten so much value and then they're like, oh, this isn't value today.

Melissa actually wants to invite me to a webinar, huh? But she's given me so much value. I'm curious. Let me read on, and it may, we we'll drip that email. There may be two or three emails [00:05:00] leading up to the live event, right? Um, we, that's why we see a bump in what we call organic registrations with our LinkedIn Method Academy.

Two weeks before launch, you guys always see a bump in the registrations that come from organic. It's 'cause Jackie turned on the email sequence that markets to people that are already in our email ethos. Hey, by the way, we've got this totally nine day free masterclass coming up. X, y, z Come register for it.

So the opt-in builds the email list. The email list becomes the asset that you don't wanna over market to, but when conversion events are about to happen and you're about to have your launch or your webinar about this, um, testing, then you're going to market to them with a link to register.

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