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Building authority through your content is the number one way to establish trust and credibility with your audience.

In this hot seat coaching session, Melissa shares advice on how you can weave your expertise into your content and elevate your position in the market using thought leadership to boost your online messaging strategy.

Giving value and demonstrating your know-how is the fastest way to generate loyalty. You’re gonna want these tips!

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BOTAO Ep 152


[00:00:00] Also, how do they know you're an expert if you're not sharing with them and educating them? Right. , so I think you could start a social media campaign by literally breaking down one of these at a time. Mm-hmm. And giving guidance on how you leverage your type. And, , in the body of the post include, a call to action if you wanna lean in and learn more.

If this really aligns to you, if you wanna learn further on how to maximize, , click on my bio to download the X, y, z, whatever lead magnet is, or book a clarity call to learn about X, Y, Z, like, the key is at the end of every value post, there needs to be a call to action so people can take action if they're really liking what they're seeing.

Okay. , yeah, because I've seen that in some numerologists are doing something similar to the people who are doing Enneagram, these carousels. But since my, I didn't want to go general because there's offer there about general, but there's nobody doing it specifically for leadership. Right. Yeah. And I have so much personal experience [00:01:00] working as a leader mm-hmm.

That I can just get my left brain with my right brain. . So that's, that's what I'm trying to promote. Well, I think that's part of your content strategy. Dr. B is like, I think once a week it should be your story. . I call it avatar relatedness.

Mm-hmm. , where once a week you can drop little tidbits about your leadership experience, how you tapped into this, why you tapped into it, how it's transformed you, why you're aligned to it, why you feel. , this mission to bring it forward to more leaders. Mm-hmm. So that's one content pillar that you could unpack, weekly.

The other would be weekly education around a particular type, right . And how you could leverage it. And then a third one could be even case studies or testimonials , of clients you're working with , and impact that it makes. Right? Right. Yes. , I did have a podcast that I did like a couple of weeks ago, and actually that's, that was the thing.

It's called Girl Take the Lead. [00:02:00] And I did her numerology profile on the podcast. So Good. You should ask her if you can get, , was it recorded? Yeah. Like video-wise? . It's in YouTube? Yes. Okay. , And again, not to like put more work on your plate than you need or want, but a great way to get content is going to be to host like free, like I like have people submit to host for free sessions that you stream live.

So another great example of this, , Francesca, who I got certified with Hypno. Breathwork. Mm-hmm. She right now is doing free coaching on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM Eastern. If, by the way, if anybody just wants it. , , I just watched her a minute ago and she was totally coaching, , Eugene in our community.

, let's see, I don't know where, and she does it on, she does it online, like in live videos or is more part of a podcast. , it is straight up. I dunno where it went. I just watched it this morning. , I wonder if it's a [00:03:00] different, if she's got multiple pages for like, , There's no telling. But , what she had earlier today that I saw was she just markets that you can get free coaching with her.

, and on certain days, and what she had done is it was just a zoom and she had just clipped the zoom and she answered somebody, it was Eugene. I, I noticed his voice. He has a very distinct voice. Oh. And he had asked about, obviously he had asked about not being able to close a sale and she went straight into coaching him on his energy and his mindset and his visualizations and breath work of like the outcome with confidence.

And like, she just went on and on and on and it was her coaching. You couldn't even see, like it was just zoomed in on her. , and she clipped it and it's part of her content now on social. And so, we've thought about doing this too. Maybe it's under money blocks. Hang on. Oh, that's a great idea. So then you just, you don't [00:04:00] have to do it live, you don't have to do it public, you just do it.

You record it, and then you clip it for your social media. Yeah. See, like you could run a zoom even with just, you could have , a different camera on you answering the questions. Mm-hmm. , but the one that she, I watched earlier, she was actually, it was just her face. I don't know where it went. Oh. that's brilliant.

I think. But we do that all the time. Like you can take. a Zoom. If you think about like our podcast Or our client testimonials during a nine day launch, , we've got this big square people now you'd have to ask Jackie how she does it, or maybe even Ann, but like, they'll just cut down to the face of the person talking, right?

So what if you to get your business up and running? First of all, you're creating brand awareness about what these types are, brand awareness around why, leaders need it. But then also offering free, coaching and typing on certain days of the week. This is really, it's free, but you're getting content right to then turn around and kick out as [00:05:00] content as you being the authority coaching these people.

Which is exactly what Tracy did with her podcast because like when I was in my mastermind, she offered to type everyone for free as long as we were willing to then be interviewed on her podcast. And so then she typed us and then brought us onto her podcast and enter, like, broke it down for us and coached us.

On her podcast and it became content for her on her podcast and she was able to pump it out on social. Do you see what I'm saying? So sometimes it's like you have to decide, do I wanna charge or to get my business up and running? No. Right. And I cannot even open it like content. That's great. , we have here the community for the LinkedIn Academy or we have the, , business basics, right?

So if somebody wants, I might put the offer there first. Yeah. If somebody wants to do it. And you could even record all of them for a future YouTube show or podcast that you haven't even launched yet. ? Does that make sense? Perfect. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. Those were great ideas.

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