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Open up a vault of value and Melissa’s transparent reflections on funnels and launches — the successes, the pitfalls, and the lessons sandwiched in between.

Inside the episode, we’re exploring:

✓ Launching even when the plan isn’t ‘perfect’

✓ Marketing with intention and strategy

✓ Upselling that feels good (and sells well!)

Building a successful sales funnel isn’t just about making sales… It’s about creating a customer journey that genuinely aligns with your brand ethos AND guides your audience closer to their ideal life using the solutions you offer.

With this episode, you can anticipate an unfiltered chat where you’ll unravel some of the strategic moves that make sense (and lots of $$$!)

Topics discussed in this episode:

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[00:00:00] I think my next plan is to, um, and I'm, you know, it's, I even did it without like a whole social media plan and email. Uh, finally I'm like, I'm going live like, um, heck or high water. I'm just doing it. I'm pushing the live button. Um, because I was finally able to kind of figure some of the tech out. So, um, my plan is to really try and get like, at least some kind of email or get it onto some kind of launch sequence.

Mm. Um, but I'm thinking of doing an upsell with it, like a smaller upsell for $7 where people can purchase like Canva templates to create carousels. Yes. Yes. That's my next plan. Yes. I love that. I love that. And then how do you get it out to the masses? That's the question is what, what should I be doing to get it out to the masses?

I think that that's what I could really use some help or guidance or just to kind of [00:01:00] get out of my own head with Yeah. Well, you know, I mean there's, gosh, there's a million ways to Sunday, right? Like, um, there's, there's a number of different ways to get it out there. Obviously the long game would be building like an email list that you can market it to at a certain series in the email funnel.

Um, so like, you know, one of the strategies and of course talk to Jackie, but one of the strategies could be like a free opt-in, um, to get them onto your email and then creating a little bit of nurture that creates value. Value and then, Then after a series of emails, you know, after a couple of tips or tricks around branding, copy marketing, you're saying, Hey, you know, for $7 you can get this right.

So now, um, that's gonna become more and more lucrative as you grow your email list. Right. Um, so, and then also [00:02:00] thinking bigger picture, like from a course creation perspective, like, um, one of the things we're looking at doing with our evergreen funnel that we're building right now is there's so many places along the journey that we are gonna upsell.

So when, you know, people opt into like a lower ticket, like course or set of modules, um, or, you know, client experience with you, whatever it is, there can be a drip, um, based off of what people opt into that you are then upselling them for. Right? So, um, You could do a free webinar on X, Y, Z and then, um, there's an email drip from collecting emails from doing the free webinar that you're dripping and you're selling stuff.

You know, I mean, it's, it's for, it's ever ending. The other thing is, um, ultimately, you know, we're kind of in this evergreen space right now, you know, is, you know, is it worth running [00:03:00] ads for? Um, depending on the price point, you'd have to turn it, look at your return on investment. Um, like for our, I'd have to check with Dorothy, but right now our LinkedIn checklist, which we're doing for free, I don't know how it would convert if we charged for it.

Um, but I think we're paying like two or $3 per. Click right For the checklist for per download. Okay. Um, so what might be interesting is, again, I don't know if it'd be worth running ads for or not. It could be that it's just totally like an evergreen. Like you're not, you, you, if you pay $2 for the lead and you get $29 like anywhere in the bank, that would make sense, right?

Totally. So, um, so that's what I'm, I'm working through in my head right now, right? 'cause we just launched our first Evergreen webinar and we got a 2.66 return on investment. My [00:04:00] brain's trying to play with that. 'cause I'm like, okay, so we paid $3,000 for the ads and we made, um, whatever the math is on that, like 9,000 or something along those lines.

A little bit less than 9,000. But when you start to scale that, right, the return on that is way better than anything you can get in a bank, right? Um, so it just, it depends on how you wanna. How you wanna get it out there, you know?

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