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Another lesson from the vault! Did you know that you’re basically a human reflection of the six people you hang out with the most? So, if you’re itching for some serious personal growth, it’s time to seek out the go-getters who can teach you a thing or two. And guess what? Masterminds are like the VIP lounge for meeting those awesome folks.


In this episode, Melissa spills the beans on why she intentionally likes being the “dumbest” and “brokest” person in the room. It’s a genius move, trust us. She’ll dish out the top four nuggets of wisdom she snagged at her latest mastermind gathering and why weaving these gems into your business is the key to leveling up.


After tuning in to Melissa’s pearls of wisdom, you’ll be itching to shake up your network and dive into new, dynamic circles. Get ready to scout for pals in the coolest places!


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[00:00:00] Hey guys. Happy Wednesday for those of you streaming live with me today. I am excited about this little mini podcast that I'm gonna be doing with you guys today. Um, and it's, it's so fun. I'm actually gonna be literally hopping on an airplane again tomorrow. Headed to another mastermind event. Um, today I'm gonna be talking to you about actually, um, it's very timely getting on a plane tomorrow cuz I'm actually gonna be doing a little podcast episode today.

On four themes that I wanna share with you. From the last mastermind event that I went to. I just, uh, maybe three weeks ago, maybe less, got back from my mastermind that I've invested in for myself. Um, and that's what this episode is all about, is my insights from that trip. Um, and what really spurred me recapping this is here I am, I'm getting on a plane again tomorrow to go to.

Another event that's happened because I'm a part of a mastermind. I'm also gonna be a guest speaker there. But, [00:01:00] um, where I wanna go with this, first of all is that, yeah, I actually pay for my friends. I will openly say that I actually pay for my friends. I pay to get into the room, very calculated with the right people.

So before I get into the four themes that I wanna share with you in a recap of spending time with 20 other seven figure entrepreneurs a couple weeks ago in Beverly Hills, before I recap for you the, the four things I, I experienced and observed. Um, I wanna take a step back and talk about why in the first place I even go to these things.

Why did I go to Beverly Hills a couple of weeks ago and spend a couple of days with other seven figure entrepreneurs? Why am I on an airplane tomorrow to spend time with other like-minded entrepreneurs? And here's the thing, and if you follow me, you've heard me say this before, couple of things. There [00:02:00] are, I'll tell you four reasons that I invest number.

I always wanna be the dumbest brokes person in the room. When you walk into a room or you come to an event and everybody is putting you on a pedestal and asking you how you did it, you're no longer learning. You're no longer growing, and you're no longer being stretched. The only thing that's happening is your ego is being stroke.

Right. Um, and so I have learned over the last three years to strategically get into rooms that make me feel uncomfortable to begin with. And if I can strategically get into rooms that make me feel uncomfortable when I walk in on day one, I know there's a lot of growth opportunity for me in that room.

Um, and I'm inspired by that room. And so I will consciously cognizantly and purposefully always look to be in rooms where I wanna be [00:03:00] able to contribute for sure, but I also wanna be able to stretch and grow and be inspired by the people in the room. So, four things. Why, why I am number one was, um, why I invest is because I, I wanna be the dumbest focus person in the room, cuz that helps me grow.

Number two is you are the reflection. Of the six people you spend the most time with. I know that many of you guys have heard this before, that you are the reflection of the six people you spend the most time with. The key is you adopt the same values of the people you spend the most time with. You actually adopt the same mannerisms, the same behaviors, the same thought process, right?

A similar energetic exchange. Okay. There's a similar energetic exchange with the people that you spend the most time with. You begin to mirror. That energy, right? So I just came off of a nine day launch and I had so many people say, oh my gosh, like half the people I think joined our program just because of my energy, right?

They're like, I [00:04:00] need that energy. I want that energy, right? Um, they're very in tune and aware that they wanna invest in that energy. They want that energy to impact their energy, bring up their vibe, how they're showing up and being inspired. The other thing is, you know, when we talk about the reflection of the six people you spend the most time with, number one is that energetic exchange, but also you actually begin seeing yourself as the people who are closest to you.

See you. I want you to let that set in. Okay. Let that set in your perception of. Is actually a reflection of the perception of the people closest to you. So if you are spending your days around people who don't wanna see you grow, or they're in a stuck mindset and don't want you to leave them behind or can't really understand, The journey you are on.

Um, [00:05:00] maybe you're a little more risk adverse and adventurous and you wanna go bet on yourself and do these things, but the people you're surrounding yourself are like, you're the people you surround yourself with are like, I don't know, like, isn't that super risky? Like, um, you're safer here, right? Are you sure?

That's a good idea. Um, and my point is, um, when you are in the midst of. And you are in the midst of evolving. There are some people who are gonna evolve with you. There are some people who are gonna evolve with you, but there's gonna be others who can't handle your change. And if you stay submerged in a cohort or group of people who are stuck in a certain place, They're gonna see you and perceive you as being stuck or in that that space and not see you as the growth opportunity and where you are headed and their lens.

If you're spending a lot of time with them, their lens of you [00:06:00] reflects onto you and you perceive yourself that way. So just let that set in. The other thing is, um, I'm also more apt to try new things when I'm around six people who are adventurous and two steps ahead of me and inspiring me, and I'm seeing it that it's possible, right?

Instead of being a silo or amongst a group of people who can't even fathom the goals and the achievements and the places that you wanna. Right. Um, and then lastly, and, and the reflection of the people you spend your time. Those six people, are they bringing value to you in helping you grow? Right. Like what I love about my masterminds that I'm a part of is the advisory and the advice and the mentorship even within the community, because we all have different expertise.

I help a lot of my mastermind members with their LinkedIn and lead gen. Um, I help a lot of [00:07:00] mastermind members with, you know, our launch process. We've, we've actually hit six figure. In five of our six launches this year, and I will like, give us a huge shout out for that. Like we've got it all dialed in.

Right. It is not something that comes innately, it's, it's a strategy and I'm able to help, um, talk through, I've actually attended some other mastermind members groups and talk about our own launch strategy and how and why it works so well. Right. But investing in being in the room with people like that allows you to share the intellectual property that you each have, right?

And helps you grow. Right? So what are the closest relationships that you're in right now? And are they bringing value to you? Now, this doesn't mean you have to throw out your old friends. I'm just always looking for new. Does that make sense? I'm always looking for new ones that can take my ceiling and make it my freaking floor, and also can see the potential in me, maybe even more than I can, right?

The other reason I [00:08:00] invest in masterminds is because I'm not alone, right? It can be lonely, it can be absolutely lonely. Um, being an entrepreneur, working from home, um, in a silo. So, um, I found my business bestie through a mastermind. And then the other thing is, you know, we're all, what I've noticed, and I noticed this coming into my mastermind in Beverly Hills and, and we'll get to this in a minute, is that we join masterminds for different reasons, for different seasons, right.

Um, some of, sometimes, um, in the beginning of a mastermind, Some of us join for, we're stuck and we need that momentum. We need the energetic exchange, we need inspiration. Right. Um, and I guess where I wanna go with this is that we're all as entrepreneurs in the same storm. We're all in the same storm, but some, some are in a moment in their business of wild success and they're joining the mastermind to get [00:09:00] continued support and coaching an additional wind in their.

Right. Other people are joining in that storm and it's a difficult time. I know at the beginning of this past year I was in a difficult space that I needed to make some radical changes in my health and the way I was operating, right? I was in a dark season and when I came in, there were people who were at the peak who had had record high years and just doing amazing.

Now what I found is when I came back at the end of the year, let me tell you this. When I came at the beginning of the year to this mastermind, I was intimidated. I felt really small. I felt like the dumbest broke person in the room, and I was like, Ugh, I know this feeling and it's amazing. I'm scared and I'm terrified in a good way.

There's so much growth that's about to happen, right? And I was also in a dark place in my business and life, right? And health. Fast forward to checking in and being accountable to where we are based off our goals. This year in the Mastermind, I got [00:10:00] to stand in front of my peers and share that I was the healthiest, wealthiest, and happiest I'd been in probably over a decade, and it was through focused attention and intention throughout the year.

Right, and committing to those things. But my point is, and I want you guys to think about this. When I came in, I wasn't healthy. When I came in, I was incredibly stressed and I was also at a place of a wall kicking moment in transition in my business, right? And less than a year, I was in a completely different place.

And it was my turn, my turn to be the positive, energetic push for some of the other people in my master. Especially the ones in real estate. They came in at the beginning of the year. They were crushing it. Their numbers were amazing. They'd had, one of them had had a $300,000 cash net, like net cash day.

Biggest day ever. Right. We came back at the end of the year. Some of my real estate men, um, [00:11:00] colleagues were just like, Ugh. Right. The market. But I was able to be the re I was able to give what I was able to receive from them at the beginning of. And I hope that makes sense. We have different reasons that we come into Masterminds.

Okay? So that's my row to this conversation. What I wanna share with you guys today actually are the four things I noticed when I was in Beverly Hills, okay? Three weeks ago, number one. My mastermind, number one being super rich isn't out of reach. Okay? What I loved is that we were submerged in the Beverly Hills Hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills.

You guys know I'm a runner, so of course I went for runs in the morning, and when you submerge yourself in the super rich, you know longer, they're no longer on the outside as something unattainable, I was living and breathing, sharing the gym with them, ordering. $25 smoothies with them. Right. [00:12:00] Um, but you know, it stretched me financially for sure to be in that hotel.

And my mentor did that on purpose. Right. He did that on purpose. I was sitting amongst some of the wealthiest people in the US was seeing. Ferrari SUVs, pull up and Porsches and all the things, and this is just run of the mill for these people or school girls at the bus stop literally in front of the hotel.

Just like my kids in the morning when I went for a run. People are sitting out, drinking their coffee, walking their dogs. Just like we do in the neighborhood and the all that could register in my brain was that these people are no different than me. These people are no different than me. They just went after their goals and their dreams and doubled down and freaking did the do.

And they live in the wealthiest zip code on the planet, right? They can afford this amazing weather, but it is [00:13:00] attainable. It is attainable. Right. So that was the number one thing that I learned being in Beverly Hills and submerging myself in that, in that community and walking past Pacino and being submerged with all these wealthy, famous people was, these are just regular people.

They're just, they're literally just like me. They just went after it. They just went after it. Number two, we did a case study where we actually went and toured Disney, which was really fun. And there were three things that I noticed when we went to Disney. See, Disney had a vi, Walt Disney had a vision, and our mentor gave us this book that Walt Disney wrote.

Um, told the story of his vision as an entrepreneur. And I mean, we know the rest of the story, right? But we actually went to Disney to tour. Take in all it with the senses of this business model and experience for people to come to Disney and we, there's three things I noticed, and number one was, [00:14:00] and this is something we discussed.

Was, how can we bring the magic back into our business? This was one of the things that our mentor, Chris Harder, um, you know, prompted us to notice while we were in Disney, like, how can we bring the magic back? Um, as we walked through, you know, the things that we noticed were just that Disney did such a great job of being two steps ahead.

What every, like, every client, right? Every, um, amusement, park, attendee needs, wants, um, in order to make it such a delightful experience, right? They're making it a delightful experience for us. Um, at every aspect. Even if you had to wait in line for two hours, right? For a ride. It didn't seem that way because it was such an experience going through the line.

Right? There was little videos and there was all kinds of animation, and it was like going through the line itself was an experience, and they'd thought about that in advance, right? And it got me thinking, how [00:15:00] can we make it more of an experience for our clients, right? I doubled down and thought, how can we make.

How can we cater to the senses and make us even stand out more beyond even driving results for our clients? How can we make them feel special? I immediately got home and went to work creating curated little welcome boxes for our newest clients who've just come into our academy. My house manager's putting them together right now.

Um, we have formatted and made beautiful graduation certificates, um, as an exit for our clients who are also getting, um, our newest book that I published as a bestselling author. Um, it's the little touches that make you memorable, but also make your client feel special, right? Um, the other thing I noticed while I was in Disney is, The money that Disney made is not, the money doesn't, it's not just the ticket that people pay to get into Disney, that's just the price for entry where Disney makes all of [00:16:00] its money is inside the park.

Okay, let that settle in for just a second. You've already got a retainer of clients that are already there. How much time are you spending outside of Disney, outside your. Looking for new clients versus how can you double down and add more to the clients you already have, because that is where Disney has questioned it, right?

They make all their money once people are inside. Um, So for me personally, my team and I are making a new major focus on, you know, our internal offerings for the clients we've already attained inside of our agency, inside of our Business Basics accelerator, inside of our mastermind, right? How, how and what can we do to retain our clients and keep them there forever?

Because selling them something new that brings tremendous value and moves the needle in their business is a lot easier. Then selling to a complete cold market. Right. [00:17:00] Um, okay. So the next thing I learned, the next thing I learned, um, is that waiting in a two hour line at a park is not miserable when you have great company.

I had so many phenomenal conversations, um, with my mastermind members. We are always so busy doing that. There's not just. It's time to chill and have conversation, right? As adults and as entrepreneurs. Imagine being in a think tank of 27 figure entrepreneurs standing in line for two hours with nothing else to do, but talk about business and network and mastermind, right?

We made the best of it. It was incredible. All. That was, um, so number one that I learned in my mastermind was being super rich isn't outta reach. Number two is that you need to sell to your internal clients more like Disney does. [00:18:00] The third thing I noticed in my mastermind event, we had a lot of incredibly successful keynote speakers.

We had the CEO of Boss Babe Co. We had, uh, Louis House there. Um, Rohan sh who's like number one Facebook ads manager in North America, like incredible people, right? And what I will tell you that was the common thread amongst all of them was that they're constantly investing in their mental and emotional health.

And I've done podcasts on this before, but the reality is entrepreneurs who succeed, Are well aware that at every level of growth, our nervous systems are challenged, and these guys are constantly working on their mental and emotional health. One of the things Louis House said is that inner peace is the highest currency.

Inner peace is the highest currency where we must heal. Along the way, one of the things he [00:19:00] said is that we cannot create something magical. From a place of significant stress, and I talk about this all the time, I'm not gonna go into the weeds with it right now, but knowing that he spends eight hours a week in an intensive and working on his mental.

State and his mental health, um, just seals the deal for me that it's a, it's a priority as an entrepreneur because we're constantly growing and challenging and in unknown fields, right? If, if we are scaling our business, we're always in uncharted territory. How are we regulating our nervous system? Um, Danielle from Boss, co.

Boss, babe Co. She and her business partner have a therapist. Yes. A business therapist that they meet with together to have a third party. To mitigate or not mitigate, but facilitate, uh, some discussion. Um, another keynote speaker talked about cryotherapy, um, and what a tremendous job it had done for his, um, health and [00:20:00] his nervous system.

So the bottom line is these incredibly successful entrepreneurs that I met treat their mental and physical health as, as an important asset, as important as their business strategy. Right. I loved it. I loved it. Okay. The fourth thing I learned in this, in this live event at my mastermind down in, um, Beverly Hills, is that there's some, they had some major insights around personal branding, and you guys have heard me talk about this at nauseum.

If you're inside my communities where I coach, Each one of them hit on this, but Danielle from, um, boss Babe Co really hit on it and so did Lewis House. But personal branding is real estate. If you are launching businesses without owning a personal brand, you are creating tremendous, extra work for yourself when you need to pivot or shift or make another offer, um, you're [00:21:00] never starting from zero.

If you lead with your personal brand, cuz you'll always have your personal brand to pivot on when you make the pivot. And I want that to sink in. We coach to this a lot inside of our academy with personal branding and marketing on LinkedIn. You can create business pages, but you must have a personal brand.

You must have a personal page. Louis House said two-thirds of people purchase more from people, from CEOs and owners who have a personal. Because there's more trust, there's more relatedness, right? Um, you always have a foundation to build on if you lead with your personal brand, right? What I love that Danielle talked about is she said you should have your personal brand, and then you have, she said, your semi-detached houses that are attached to your personal brand, so your semi-detached houses.

Or your businesses. So those of you who are big on Instagram, you know, you [00:22:00] have individual IG pages that are your business, but you still have your personal brand, right? You still have your personal brand. Um, and the other thing that I, that really rang true to me, that I heard from these experts was when it comes to marketing, going inch wide, And a mile deep, especially when you're new and you're first getting started.

It's so easy to say, and I, we did this on a coaching call I had just yesterday with some clients. They were like, I can do this and I can do this, and I have this to offer and I have this to offer. And when you looked at their profile, you're like, oh my God. Like your audience is so confused about how they can work with you.

You need to start with being super niche. Go an inch wide in a mile deep and get really damn good at it, and create momentum and be known for that flagship. After you've gone a mile deep and you've created massive revenue for yourself, then you earn [00:23:00] the right to fold in your additional semidetached houses, your additional services, diff additional bus, um, offerings to an expanded client base.

Right? Oh my gosh. Um, Loved this live event that I went to, and I love my mastermind cohort and all that they've done to inspire me and uplift me throughout this year. And I've really, I really enjoyed coming full circle and coming back a healthier, wealthier, happier human. To contribute back to the community with my own personal evolution.

And I'm so excited I've actually recommitted to this Mastermind again because I, um, I grew so much and the network that I know that comes into this mastermind is bar none incredible and will grow me next year. So with that, let me recap for you guys in summary, this [00:24:00] mastermind event that I went to.

Being super rich, being super rich is not out of reach. Go submerge yourself in some wealthy communities and just observe and it'll help you realize you're no different. You're no different, right? Um, also the case study around Disney. Keep, keep the earned client as long as you can. It's much easier than chasing new ones.

Number three, the most successful entrepreneurs know that their inner work is an ongoing maintenance. Because at every level, we're dysregulating our nervous system and how are we nurturing it? How are we taking care of it? And number four, your personal brand, my friend, is your number one asset major real estate that'll keep you from having to start from zero every.

Time. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. If you're streaming live and you're looking for a community, know that [00:25:00] we're actually, um, over this month we're gonna have two different, um, webinars where you guys can take a look at our mini Mastermind, um, the Business Base Accelerator. So keep your eyes peeled.

If you're not on my email list, definitely come hang out with me at the burn, at burnout to all Come to my. Join my email list so you can get incredible updates. We're gonna have some incredible Black Friday specials coming out. Um, and with that I'm signing off and looking forward to hopping on a plane and seeing a, my business vesty that I met in a mastermind and headed to a whole nother amazing event with entrepreneurs.

So I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week.

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