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Raise your hand if you’re an entrepreneur with a million ideas.  Being innovative is great but how do you know what’s going to stick and what isn’t?

In today’s helpful hot seat, Melissa offers up some solid advice on the most effective way to create a sellable offer – ask your audience!

Never overlook your prime asset.  Take a few minutes to listen in and you’ll find out why.

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BOTAO Ep 168


[00:00:00] what is your, um, opinion on beta version of the program? Cause pricing is another issue. Like I'm, I think I'm putting it really low. I talked to Jackie and she's like, girl, you got off your prices. Yeah. So what are, what's your price point right now?

Cause that would help me kind of guide you on like the duration of your kind of free work shopping. So I am doing, um, I'm offering three templates at 2 95 downloadable, and that comes with the 12 week coaching program that comes with every package. The second, um, tier is $3,000. Um, they pick the template, but we customize it to their brand.

Um, and so it has customization aspect, and then third layer is five grand. It is totally customizable. Use a template or anything. We make everything from scratch and each chair gets, uh, the same coaching program for free. So when you say template, it's like a website [00:01:00] template. Yeah. Okay. And with the first tier, they do all the work.

You just give them the template. So the templates are all good to go. They just need to change the content and the images. Okay. And that's 295. Oh, wow. Does anybody need a website design for, okay, what was, and that 3000 included group coaching? Um, so yeah, so all of these include the group coaching for 12 weeks.

Um, it's for free. The coaching is included for free. Oh, for all of them. Okay. So like the 3k one is like semi customizable then. Um, so if they pick the template that they like, but we customize everything. To their liking. Like we make the whole branding and marketing and everything is infused in there.

Okay. And then the third one is like, it's totally custom. Yeah. And that's 5k. Okay. [00:02:00] Yeah. Um, so I think that in this, yeah, I think that in this format and I would love Jackie's thoughts on this, but it's almost like. It depends on what you're doing. This would be doing this free workshop for if you're trying to lure people in to learn a little bit about website design as accountants and but then pitch them to the 5 K program.

Um, and then go from there versus. You know, you're not going to be able to have a little webinar and then pitch a three tiered offer with this particular offer and then offer the other stuff like, right. Like the, or is that part of what you're talking about with the mindset coaching? Where does that come in?

So that's all like, it's not separately stated. It's part of the work that we will do together because a lot of, you know, a [00:03:00] lot of success comes from the shift in the mindset. So it will be in the training. Yeah, okay, um, because what I was thinking is it's almost like you could, you could beta test a little workshop that basically is like how to custom, how to, how they would customize the template for 295.

Versus the perks and the benefits of you doing with them. Um, it's, it's a little interesting. Um, it, it just depends on the angle that you want to take. If you're trying to sell the three different tiers of the website divine design, or if you're trying to bring them in on core competencies around website, but then pitch them into something much, much bigger.

Am I making sense? Yeah, I think, um, I, when I hear you, I see how complicated I've created this. [00:04:00] Yeah. And that's why we want to just, because as entrepreneurs, there's so many things we can sell. There's so many things and ways that we can serve, but I think it's really important to listen to your audience and really understand what they are asking for and what is really important right now and what will they pay for right now.

Right. And, um, Honestly, where can you bring the most value and create impact for these people? And that is where it all starts. Um, I hate to sound ruthless, but it's like, follow the money, follow what people are going to pay. It's not that we're doing it a hundred percent just out of making money. Um, we're here like where we can make an impact.

It's going to impact your income, right? It is more about what can I provide? My audience is going to create massive impact. And when it does. The money comes right. Um, so I would encourage you to kind of mull over, I truly think you could launch something before, um, the end of the year. I'd love to see you launch something before the end of the [00:05:00] year.

I think that one of the reasons you're telling yourself six months is because. Um, you're making it a little more complicated than I think you need to make it. Um, I would challenge you or encourage you to think about how can I do a free little workshop on, you know, some, you know, some value that my, these accountants would love to have around website design, um, because that's something hot that's selling right now.

Um, but in that, in that. Little webinar, how can I pitch this more full comprehensive program to them, um, from this free webinar? Right? How can I pitch them into this more comprehensive program? Um, that makes total sense to them. How do I go from teaching them this widget? To then casting to them, the bigger picture and the value of working with me for six months in that bigger picture.

I'm reaching, I'm like, I'm getting approached by [00:06:00] people in my DMs asking for business development and marketing coaching. So now that you've mentioned all these things, I'm thinking maybe stick with the medium, the middle tier, forget the other two and anchor that with the coaching and, or maybe just.

Offer that as a beta and then ask them to come to the coaching program as the, the long term maybe six to 12 months program, because that's where we can actually have a transformation happen for people. Absolutely. Does that does that do you think that'll work. I think that the best way to find out is to give it a whirl.

That's what a lot of people are fearful of, but I've thrown so much shit against the wall to see what's going to stick, you know, part of it's just trial and error, you know, um, what people are going to be interested in investing in. Um, the other thing you could do is survey your current audience, [00:07:00] survey your current network.

This is what I did. Hey, if I ran a workshop on how to generate leads on LinkedIn, who would be interested? And you could do this with the community you're building on LinkedIn. And I had 12 girls say I would. And I'm like, sweet, I'm going to put together a workshop then. And they're like, well, how much is it?

And I'm like a hundred dollars, right? That's where it started. And they were the best students to give me the feedback. And I, my goal was to over serve over deliver and make sure those girls got the most amazing experience and results because those first 12 people were going to be my testimonials. And they were going to go tell 12 other people.

Really, they told like 50 other people, right? And that created my next cohort and then the next cohort and then the next cohort and then value, value, value, right? Raise your prices, raise your prices, raise your prices, right? Well, I'm in business basics. So hopefully that will all come [00:08:00] together for me as well.

Yes. I'm so glad to hear you say that. Um, it's all going to really, uh, will really help you with the offer creation and that program. Yeah. That was good. All right. I took a lot of your time. Thank you for doing that. Well, I saw a lot of heads nodding. I think it helped a lot of people. So yeah. That's good.

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