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Marketing to the wrong audience is like selling winter coats in the Sahara. No one’s going to buy.

In today’s dynamic coaching sesh, Melissa gets real about how targeting the wrong people can lead to the death of your launch.

If you’ve been hearing nothing but crickets when promoting your offers to your online audience, this episode will give you the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. Tune in!

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[00:00:00] Jackie and I've talked about this.

People are looking for the easy button and they're asking us what have we done differently, but the reality is we just fine tune every time. And, I will say where it was the hardest for us is when. We had outgrown the audience we were marketing to, which may be what's happening to, you know, well, so we had, I think about this now, I thought about this yesterday, Jackie, I had a launch 2 Octobers ago that I spent, 5, 000 on ads, 10, 000 on the team.

And we closed the cart and didn't have a single cell, like we didn't sell anyone. And we had like a thousand people register. and it was this like fairly the same content. Like we've fine tuned it significantly now, but we didn't sell anybody. And I was sitting here on Tuesday night. And just watching the sales come in, like 67 people purchased just on Tuesday night.

[00:01:00] So I'm sitting here at my desk and like literally across the globe, like money's just being wired into the bank account from everywhere. Right. And all I can think is two years ago, nobody wanted to give me their money, nobody. But the reality is we were marketing to the wrong audience and my message was wrong and it was to the wrong people.

And what had happened is. We had outgrown who we were marketing to and the wrong people were on the screen and it didn't matter what I was telling them. It wasn't the right audience and they were never going to pay. They didn't have the money mindset. It wasn't the right investment for them. And it until I was willing to pivot.

With who our audience truly was and up level who I was marketing to, it wasn't going to change. And it was really scary because I had marketed to what I'd always felt that was my audience, but I'd totally outgrown them. Right. And so back to Jackie's point is like, is [00:02:00] your messaging and your marketing appropriate to the audience that you either desire or that is in front of you.

And so know that in two years, we've gone, literally, is it two years, two years, two fucking years, we went from a launch that cost me money to nearly a million dollars in nine days. And it's the same content. We just had to shift the messaging and shift who we are marketing to. But what we teach on the back end is the same, Who were you marketing to before Melissa and then who did you change to? Okay. Network marketers. Network marketers. I was exclusively like, I felt like, and this is what Kayla had to coach me on. I felt like my only knowledge base on LinkedIn was how to recruit business builders on LinkedIn. And that was my message for the longest time.

And what was happening was. I had scaled a business [00:03:00] beyond the six figure mark we had done. We were, we did a million dollars in 19 months. And what was happening was we were getting a lot of interest and a lot of traction with other entrepreneurs who are really curious about how we were leveraging LinkedIn.

But what I was telling myself was I only know how to teach network marketers this. And I was in Kelly Rocha's program and Kelly said, I want you to come speak at Game Changers, which is like streamed globally. Right. She's like, I want you to come teach LinkedIn to these guys. Remember, I told Jackie, I was like, this is fucking, I just can't, I just was thinking about that day.

Cause I remember how many people came up to you afterwards and they were like, can this work for me? Can this work for me? And we had to pivot real fast. We did like literally on the fly created LinkedIn. LinkedIn bootcamp. I don't even know what we called it. LinkedIn jumpstart. I was broke. I was in the red.

I didn't know how I was going to pay Jackie. And we had to bootleg it because I was like, [00:04:00] okay, these people are not network marketers, but they want the training. I'm going to sell it to them. And I was like thousand dollars. I'll do it over six weeks, rapid fire. I'll do it live. And so I made a hundred thousand dollars while Jackie would nearly died in the ICU.

And I'm just trying to keep the business alive. I launched a six week program built it while it was the same fundamentals, but it was a different audience. And I had to take the word network marketing out. I had to focus on the attraction marketing and lead generation and not just be network marketers.

And it was that really awkward, uncomfortable survival moment where I was like, Whoa, like Financial advisors, real estate coaches. All these people are coming to me. I think we can do this for these guys too. And it actually saved my business to run that bootcamp and pivot. And that was in October. Then I invested in Chris's mastermind and the [00:05:00] following January terrified.

I said, we're going to market to small business owners and entrepreneurs. I'm going to invest 20, 000 in ads, which at the time. Remember I was broke and I invested 50, 000 in Chris Harder's mastermind, which I didn't have. And I said, we're going to do this. I'm all in. We're going to pivot because clearly the audience is telling me this demographic wants it.

So we went to market in January where I reframed how I was talking in the sense that I, my end product wasn't just for network marketers. It was attraction marketing for your products and service to generate leads for your business. I pivoted. And we went from being broken a launch in October to rebranding, changing my message marketing to a new audience in January and doing 300, 000 in sales.

And then it was like, that was the [00:06:00] feedback from the universe saying this audience wants this from you. And then more and more of these diversified entrepreneurs started coming in more and more started to say they wanted it. So we, we started to retarget and focus on, and now here's the cool thing and George and Pam can attest to this.

We still have a ton of network marketers that come in. They're typically top network marketers that are looking to grow their business through lead generation for leaders, but we've expanded our market and we've expanded our audience and totally up leveled our delivery and raised our prices. And I think we're at like a 40 percent pay in full ratio, which is insane.

I had several network marketers on my office hours today, which I was, I didn't know that they were cause I were new. But they're different. Yeah. But here's the thing. When I was broken October years ago, most people would have thrown in the towel. They would have said launching doesn't work. This is [00:07:00] not for me.

And I've just got to do something else, but look where we are now. It's the, if the people who purchased two years ago on the back end, get the same core curriculum they do today. Obviously we updated some. It, it wasn't our product. It was our audience. And our messaging that was fucking us up, right? Can I just say one thing, Melissa?

I was in a cohort in January. Ah, yes. That was me. So you witnessed the evolution of the company, right? I, I was, I got the ad. I got the ad and showed up. Yeah, yeah. It worked. Yeah. So just know that sometimes you're, you're going to outgrow your audience. You're going to, and I guess I'll go back to what Kayla told me when I was terrified to pivot.

She said, you, you just feel comfortable coaching to network marketers because you have evidence that it works there. You don't [00:08:00] have evidence and haven't gained the credibility to teach to anyone else, because this is what you know, and you're not going to know until you start teaching other people. And when you start seeing proof, and that's what happened when we started getting clients like you coming in and then they were crushing it and landing contracts and getting great deals.

And then all of a sudden we had new testimonials from all different types of business coming in and it expanded. Our evidence and our audience and our messaging, right?

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