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Getting caught up in talking solely about your products is pretty common, right?   The thing is that it’s not just about your stuff – it’s how your stuff makes lives better.

Melissa hits the bullseye in this week’s coaching session, dishing out her top-notch advice on how to enlighten your audience about your business by highlighting its awesome benefits. 

Are you struggling to clarify your content?  This week’s episode will clear things up for you!

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[00:00:00] So, , I'm coming to you today with a question on the content. So you have spoken into me, even just yesterday saying, don't get so caught up in product, product, , and being too much of an expert on the product that you offer. Instead, make sure you're hitting home on.

Because I'm in a direct sales company, so make sure you're talking about the business. Mm-Hmm. . Mm-Hmm. . And that is why I'm in your academy. And that is absolutely what my goal is here, , with being in this academy. Right. So I guess I get just like a little bit in my head sometimes of, okay, but I have this expertise to share on avoiding toxic products, toxic chemicals, toxic.

People in the workplace. Cause by the way, I used to have to intervene on all that. I was employee relations for a huge company and that my phone rang all day long on employee conflict. Right. So , it's kind of the [00:01:00] whole thing. Like, how do you set your own path where you can have , toxic free work environment that's yours and toxic free products, but I also have heard you strongly about the idea that.

Don't miss that core of people who are going to see the business. Like with your analogy of, , you didn't take, was it Adver? You weren't personally taking Adver. You didn't have COPD. So I guess I just need to hear a little bit more about how to drill that in, in my content, , as well, if you don't mind.

So I think that's the first thing I want to do for all of you in direct sales is give you permission. , once a week you can be seen as an expert in your subject matter field in your business, right? Because that does create brand awareness. I think that, and so we'll talk through that here in a second.

We can kind of map out your content pillars. I think that where it gets totally overdone is where people [00:02:00] take peddling and pushing their products and the features of their products on a daily basis, like they do over on Facebook and Instagram. Right. That is different than you being a subject matter expert in the toxin free space or environment.

Right. So when I was, , really scaling my health and wellness company with Isagenix on LinkedIn once a week, I did stand in my power as a health and wellness. Advocate and expert in the sense that I would share information and data in the health and wellness space. , so that, , it was seen as though and was and is I still to this day, eat, breathe and live in the wellness space, right?

So I'm bringing value to my audience in that space. Now, on occasion, it would be. More of a twist on business and the health and wellness space and the business opportunity in the health and wellness space. And then if you can niche down into your subject matter, if it's, beauty, is it nutrition?

And if you can get some really great data on [00:03:00] kind of the growth and opportunity in the market. Right? So that's all niched into for each of you kind of subject matter expert. Of the direct sales company that you're a part of, that is different than, you holding up a product and your face, , in a post on a daily basis that everyone's so numb to seeing.

Right. , so you can do that once a week, but know that another day, a week, you really need to be focused on the end product itself, which is the business, the, what are the features and the benefits of the business, right? Educating them on. , is it a turnkey business that's got tools and systems already embedded?

Does it have customer service already? Like what is the benefit of being a 10 99 versus, , being self employed like a lot of us are, what are the tax benefits? Right. , how awesome is it to have a system that's fully integrated in a customer service and not holding any. Inventory, right?

So, like, that's a whole content pillar that you can [00:04:00] speak to. Another content pillar would be actually around the money aspect of it, meaning educating your audience, because like, a lot of successful people in corporate are still living paycheck to paycheck. They just have bigger bills. And a lot of them.

, do not have diversified income other than their 401k, which by the way is doing really shitty right now. . So what can you do to educate? I didn't know what the word residual income meant when it was , first presented to me. It's like residual income. What is that? , versus passive income.

What is that? Like here I am with a doctorate. Making multiple 6 figures in corporate America, right? And I don't even know what residual income is right? And I, think I'm , , too better than and smarter than these crazy people who are working this pyramid scheme. Right? . And now I laugh because it completely changed my life when I actually, I was open and I was open to learn what recurring income [00:05:00] was how I could leverage a business be in business for myself, but not by myself.

Right. And so, . There's going to be some education for your audience of, like, if you're really like one of my greatest pitches, I brought in so many people in the pharmaceutical sales space, because I would say especially leaders in pharmaceutical sales, or even people who are just really good in pharmaceutical sales.

Like you're already really good at leading people, especially people in. Companies where you're leading a geo dispersed team, that's not local to you. Right? Like there's a lot of parallels and analogies that you can educate to on LinkedIn. Hey, are you currently leading a team virtually? , have you ever thought about branching out and leveraging those skill sets to grow a business virtually?

, a turnkey business, like leverage the experience you have and build a secondary income stream around your nine to five. Leveraging the skillsets you have. A lot of them haven't thought , that was possible and [00:06:00] post COVID people are way more open to it. What I am seeing post COVID is so many people are experiencing , such incredible spikes in anxiety.

And depression and stress going back to, working the long hours again and being back in the office, people are more open to it than ever before the gig economy is here to stay. So, can you speak to that with confidence? And make that a weekly piece of your message as an expert in the field, you want people to see you in the feed and be like, Oh, that's that chick who talks about passive income all the time.

That's that chick who talks about, , online businesses and how it's possible to do it while working full time. That's that woman who's really cast a vision to me that it's possible to create, , a financial wall around , my nine to five not have to leave my career to do it. I'm just kind of ripping off here, but this is so good.

So so good. I'm going to have to listen to this again. Yeah, thank [00:07:00] you. Okay, well working nine to five. So do you think it's too early like I didn't post it but I wrote a post today that is almost ready to go. , that speaks of if you are super close to considering. A company, here are five questions that really matter.

Go for it. Okay. 100%. Okay. And so there are people who are looking at, opportunities. So it's like, how old is the company? How established are they? Cause I'll tell you with a lot of these startups, , in the direct sales space, that's churn and burn like people. They aren't family owned their investors are in and then they're out and then the companies crumble, , supply chain matters where it's coming from, , right.

Right. Right. Probably have a lot of features and benefits to your company. You can have them check into ? ,

Yeah. , we're 21 years and we're debt free. , from day one debt free and privately owned. Yeah. So we, so basically I wrote the post and I'm like, and the company that I [00:08:00] chose to partner with gets an A plus on every question.

, and kind of made a little joke that I guess , the former teacher in me is coming out using my grading book, but yeah, yeah. Okay. That's awesome. Thank you so much. I think I'll have to listen to this again. That was super helpful. Absolutely.

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