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When you need to free up some time in your business, automation can be a game-changer.  But you don’t want your business to come off all robotic.  Sprinkling in that human touch is how you keep things real.

In today’s hot seat coaching session, Melissa gives her valuable two cents on how you can save time while staying connected.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the “high-touch” approach but still want to feel engaged with your audience, this one’s for you.

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[00:00:00] that's what I'm still working on my customer journey on what I actually action, I really want them to take. And that's where I'm a little fuzzy. I got on the office hours. With Jackie, um, to try to figure out like get clarity and this could be for another coaching call, but on how the customer journey plays out with direct selling versus, you know, selling something else.

Um, so I don't like to be super high touch. I don't want to talk to everybody, but I mean, I'm working on maybe a landing page or a opt in where they can just watch a video and then take a specific. You know, prescribed action. I do not want to do a bunch of discovery calls. So I'm just, that was kind of, let me put a call to action in here.

Um, while I figure out. Totally. Um, I guess my, my two cents there. And then, um, I know Sarah has been wildly successful on LinkedIn and her network marketing business. I know she's here online. [00:01:00] Um, she may want to chime in, but the way I've done it. Um, that has worked really, really well is if you do the module, um, we have a module where we coach you on the calendar link where you can actually ask specific questions people have to fill out before they book a call, but to go another step from that, because that's still a little bit invasive because they're getting right into your calendar where we are today.

And you can download this for free as you can create a type form questionnaire. Um, if it's a minimal number of questions, it doesn't cost you anything. Um, and what I got to is I got to the point where I had pre qualifying questions. People had to fill out and that form actually was automated and came to my team.

And to this day, we've still run my businesses the same way. Um, everyone who inquires to get, like, to get access and talk to me has to fill out a form and then it's triaged and pre qualified. And, you know, part of it. When I was recruiting for direct sales was a matter of like readiness for change and commitment to change and experience in [00:02:00] business.

And like, I could tell pretty quickly with the amount of effort and time they put into the form, um, and their commitment that whether I was going to create time for them or not, you know, and there'd be people occasionally who would just like put in alphabet soup just to get the form filled out. And I'm just like, I don't have time for that person.

Right. Um, so that's, that's something you can play with. I don't know, Sarah D. Before we move on, is there anything that you want to say? Cause I know that you, this is like your primary lead generator for your business too, and you've been at it for a while, what's working for you. Um, yeah, and I, I'm not doing it as much for my network marketing business, but where I found major success and, um, if you haven't signed up for my video audits, do it because that is where I found my success is that I had them.

I got into their messages. Send a video because the video with the Calumley didn't really seem to work for me because I wanted to pre qualify them. I was sending out 20 video messages a day. I'm sorry. 50 video messages a day. And then getting probably from [00:03:00] there 3 or 4 on Calumley. I mean, it was. Massive amount of people, but I wanted them to watch the video first, because if they weren't interested in network marketing, if they thought it was some, whatever, some is going to turn on purple polka dotted, if they joined, whatever, I didn't need them to fill out questions, get on and then tell the tell me I'm not interested.

So I did a video 1st and then sent them my county link. So I did the, if I would you, if I sent you this video, Okay. Would you watch it by Thursday? And if so, we can look at setting up a time to call. Yes, they said they would. So I would send it to them. And then on Thursday, say, you know, have you had a chance to watch the video?

Yes. If so, I want to send you some questions and we'll set up our time to call. So it was an added step, but it was a layer to protect my time because at first I did it just with questions. They're like, yes, I want out. Yes, I'm. Burned out. Yes. I want to make more money. Residual income sounds great. And then they hop on.

They go, Oh, Hmm. One of those things. I'm like, you don't understand. This isn't one of those things. Like you don't have to recruit to move up in my industry or at least in the business I'm in, blah, blah, blah. [00:04:00] But by then I'm behind the eight ball. So I think it's important to have that video. They get to know you like you trust you because they're not buying into your business.

They're buying into you, right? And so if they see you and. Learn about who you are, feel your authenticity. They want to work with you. And then they're like, yeah, I want to ask her questions and they answer the questions and then they get to ask you questions and you have a rapport on zoom afterwards.

But I, I, I found that adding that video link into it, um, was a game changer for me. And I do video audits. Um, I've got one tonight, but it's already full, but I do video audits a couple of times every month. So are you talking about opportunity? Videos. No, I don't do. And here, please hear me on this. Do not send your company's opportunity videos.

Do not do my opportunity video that Melissa teaches on in Lincoln. How long is your video? I haven't made it yet. So no, don't do a typical opportunity video. It's a video to intrigue them [00:05:00] into your business and you. It's not going into your business yet. Right? So it takes multiple steps. Um, I mean, you, if you had an opportunity video, I'd say, Oh, and Marshall says 10 minutes.

That's way too long. Way, way, way too long. Um, being having video and TV is my background and my expertise. I tell you, people 3 minutes. They just aren't. It's like you feel like you have so much to say in 10 minutes, like you've really gotten it down. Now, the video that I send a message is my first one's about 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

I have a whole video library of what I send out, right? Depending on if I will you like, if then. Um, then I send different videos out. So I would create some short videos, get them to see you intrigued them. It's like, if you go on a date on your first date, you're not going to tell the guy that you're dating, you have six toes, right?

You just aren't. So you're going to wait a couple of times before you tell them that. So don't tell them everything. You just want to keep dripping and dripping, but as you're dripping through [00:06:00] video, they get to know you and your heart and they want to work with you. Okay. Is there take over? Is that, is there a way to automate that, do you think?

Or does it have to be as high touch as a, actually, you can automate anything these days. Yeah. That would be more of a tech question with Jackie though, but I don't, is there a way to do it? I mean, would it still work if you automated it versus being as high touch? Well, if you it depends, like, I, I can get them into, I mean, yes, there is like, I was just on a call with Kristen day about flow desk and automating it through there because they're different branches.

If they do this, then it goes on. But something honestly, I, I wouldn't automate it through your messages because you need to be. If these are people you want in your business, you have to have some personal to them, right? So you, the automation could be that you have one specific video that you copy and paste.

Like you have a message with a video. It cannot sound copy and pasted though, by the way, that's huge. [00:07:00] People hit and then. You know, like, so if you'd be interested, would you watch this video? They say, yeah, I would. I could watch it this week. Great. Then you have the videos, the automation is, it's already done.

It's just dropping them in. So either you or an assistant can do it, but it doesn't take that much time because a lot of people aren't going to watch it. You're not going to have 10, 000 people suddenly going, yeah, send me your video. doesn't happen that way. So, and in all of that, you're going to find people and then you have to be ready to onboard them.

That's the problem I ran into is that I had so many people through LinkedIn wanting to join my business. I couldn't onboard them fast enough. Right. So then I had to really work on that automation. So anyway, like I said, sign up for one of my video audits. I'm happy to go into it more there. Um, but I really think there's huge value in it.

So when you say a video on it, you're talking about like you work for Melissa. This is okay. LinkedIn Academy. Okay, last quick question in this context that you're talking about what is the call to action direct message me here on LinkedIn. And [00:08:00] then that's where you send the video out. I don't put my video on the main page is all through messages.

So there, the, there is not necessarily call to action. It's. I'm in a conversation with them through posts that I've done. Like, I'm really big. I'm putting out 4 to 5 days of content each week. People are responding. I follow Melissa's method. Like, I get in, I react to them. I get a conversation going or I just say, hey, thanks so much for supporting my post.

They're like, yeah, no problem. I'm like, hey, you know, since we're in messages and chatting, and then I'll get into, like, my question for them about residual income or, you know, you know, adding different streams of income, et cetera. And if they're interested, would you be willing to watch my two minute video?

People will be willing to watch a two minute video. Marshall watching a 10 minute video. I'd be like, Oh, snooze. Right. So make sure that you let them know it's short and sweet. It's not going to take time, but you're not going to send it to them unless they say, yes, you need their permission. Okay. So call to action in the about section [00:09:00] is what So I think that, so let me, let me summarize on a couple of things.

This is a really good dialogue. Um, your call to action can go one of two directions. Okay. It can either be in the DMS, um, on LinkedIn, or it can be an automated intake form. Um, it's going to be up to your, your discretion. I think right now, since you don't have something automated set up. I would guide your reader to just send you a message in the DMS or give an email address, right?

But we want to give them an exact space for you to follow up on, um, two things. And thank you so much, Sarah, um, for chiming in a couple of things to note when it comes to the word automation. Um, I hear you a hundred percent, especially at your scale. You've already built a seven figure econ business. So it's like, how do I automate and scale?

I think that is the name of the game in any business. Um, you can get as automated as you want from a tech perspective. However, um, to Sarah's [00:10:00] point and kind of a step back from that, um, is. The automation piece could be a little bit more of, um, yes, there's a funnel and intake form that prequalifies people, but still having a human being managing the messages in the DMS on LinkedIn is going to be critical.

What scaled and blew up my business. And I'm sure similar for Sarah on LinkedIn, and I don't want to speak for you, Sarah, but it literally is the personal touch in the DMS, not me. I actually hired a social media, um, you know, assistant for like 15 an hour, four years ago and gave her scripts and it came down to, if I would you, if I sent you this video, would you, these videos were the videos were the automation, the videos were there, they're pre look at me and I know Sarah comes from news and video and she and I have slightly different opinions on videos, which is perfectly fine.

She likes the two to three minute video. I had a 10 minute video and I, it worked really well [00:11:00] for me. Um, but I also then learned and created a shorter video as well. Sometimes the longer video can be sent like, like Sarah was saying, it's like a library. It could be the prequalifying call. They have a short video just to get to know you very broad top level, but then I, there's a.

Second video that they watch post that initial call that gets a little bit more into the business model, the comp model, all those things, um, that will be more your personality specific. Um, And kind of your company specific on the amount of information back and forth and all those things. Um, but from an automation perspective, I do think you're not going to get, you're LinkedIn without some human.

Following some marching orders in the DMS, even if it's scripted, um, that they're in there daily doing this for you. And then you're prequalifying the masses into the funnel for time with you. Does that make sense? That makes perfect sense. Yeah. All right. Thank you.


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