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It’s amazing to start off the new year with an exciting set of goals.  But looking back is essential to making your intentions come true.

Melissa expertly unveils a captivating review of the goals and objectives she meticulously crafted in 2023.  She offers invaluable insights into how she manifested incredible achievements and the powerful strategies that propelled her success.

This is the episode you need to start 2024 with a bang.

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I've right now over on LinkedIn, but there we go. I got so antsy. You guys, I couldn't think of a better way to start off 2024 than with a recap of goal setting and intentions from last year and a check in on where I landed. Um, what's really profound and really exciting is that I actually hit every single.

One of my major goals last year, and in this episode, I'm going to give you some highlights as to how I was able to do that, but also just check in with you as accountability. Right? I put my goals out to the world every year at the beginning of the year because it creates mass accountability to me, right?

Um, to go for those goals. So. Um, if you're watching me live versus the podcast episode, that'll drop later. I actually have my little notebook here from my goal setting from this past year. Um, if you watch this podcast drop later, we'll make sure we drop a screenshot [00:01:00] or something, uh, somewhere, if it's over on, on social or in the notes section, you'll be able to access it.

But bottom line is here's the thing. A lot of people set goals every year. A lot of people set goals every year, but they miss a critical portion of setting goals. And that is the why. So why we're setting these goals in the first place and the emotion of how it's going to make us feel. Now, I am not going to go into a rabbit hole in this episode today, um, around intention and emotion and how we set goals in that way, because I have a whole nother episode on this one, manifesting your dreams and manifesting your goals.

This is a check in for me and accountability for me on this process and what I set out for last year and where we landed. Right. But I do want to underscore that many times people set goals, abs, uh, arbitrary numbers, but they, for they're forgetting the [00:02:00] visceral, I'm like touching my belly, the visceral why of why they're going after these goals in the first place.

Right. For me, it's always about time freedom. It's not actually about the money. The three and a half million dollar revenue goal I set for this year was not the end all be all. It wasn't the why. Okay. The why. Was the time for freedom that the three and a half million was going to bring me within the profit margins of the company to do what I want when I want with whomever I want, which for me and my why happens to be joy and experiences with people that I love.

Right? So you've got to make sure that that why is there, why you're doing it. And then secondly, again, I have a whole nother episode on this, but you need to get really clear on the emotions that it's going to elicit in your body physically when you achieve those goals. Because my friends, the reason I was able to hit every single goal on this list that I'm going to walk you [00:03:00] through in a minute, it's going to blow your mind, is not just by the tactical.

Metrics of things I measured as far as revenue and numbers in the company, but it was actually the emotion of how I would feel by hitting these goals and sitting with it. Literally on a daily basis, visioning it and focusing on raising my energy, raising my consciousness and raising my focus on my desired state.

So that every day, if I practice this for just a couple of seconds to minutes, what. Happened to me physically over this past year with a daily practice is through those thoughts. I literally changed my DNA again. I'm not going to go into the crazy science behind it, but I will tell you that your thoughts elicit chemicals and hormones and chemical reactions that elicit protein production.

At bottom line, they change your body. You can fear your future or you can desire your future. Either way, your body is going to [00:04:00] feel it, right? So I sat down nearly every single day. Not just seeing the three and a half million dollars in my business, but focusing on how it was going to make me feel. What I wrote down is safe, gratitude, grounded, happy, giving, achievement, empowered, limitless, calm, and controlled.

What is so cool about this is it feeling those emotions as if I had the success in that moment every single day this year, right? Grounded me and making very aggressive and confident decisions in my company that got us the 380 percent growth in my company. Right? I look at this list and I'm, you know, feeling the gratitude, feeling the groundedness and the giving piece, right?

Like I tacked on donations in my company, [00:05:00] um, based off profit margins in the company. We tacked on giving with our book publication to a charity, right? So there was just milestones throughout the year to elicit literally that physical emotion. Okay. Real quick, let's check in. So Melissa, what did you write?

Where did you land? The first thing I wrote down was three and a half million in revenue. We did 3. 8 million in revenue at a 28 percent profit margin, because I know some of you guys are going, but what was your profit margin, Melissa? That was my profit margin, my friends. Okay. Um, the other thing I wrote down is to, um, close on the Mountain Home.

We closed on the Mountain Home in December. You guys, it's going to be epic, an epic place for retreats. I am so excited. To me, this is diversifying my income and investing in a whole new business venture, right? As a short term rental as well, and a place for my family to vacation. Number three, invest in [00:06:00] a business outside of mine.

Okay? So not only did I invest in another business of mine, which is our new short term rental, but I also closed and invested in Nova Derm, um, in the last month of the year, I wasn't sure this one was going to come through or not, but it did, um, as a tax buy down strategy for my company, be able to, to contribute in a way that's really benefiting, um, a niche audience of, um.

Uh, individuals, pedia, uh, pediatric patients who need the, um, this product. Right. Um, next one, build a lucrative funnel. Okay. The goal specifically was to get a two row as return on ad spend. So I got very technical on a evergreen funnel. We hit two row ads in the first three weeks that we built that funnel.

So we hit the metric. We hit the goal now. In full transparency, we've hit pause on it completely because we're going through a rebrand right now before we relaunch this coming year, but we did it. Next thing, save lots, lots of [00:07:00] money saved. I have never felt so abundant. And never seen so much money in my bank account.

It's interesting, I didn't give a particular number. I just wrote lots of money saved. To me, safety, right, feeling safe with my money is really important, right? Um, but not hoarding too much of it because we need to be investing. It needs to be flowing, right? Um, zero business credit card debt, right? Zero business credit card debt.

Last year, going into my year, I actually invested in a mastermind that I stretched myself, that I couldn't immediately afford, and I put it on a credit card, um, that had no interest for the year, and I actually paid it all off, and then paid it forward for the mastermind the following year in cash, right?

Zero credit card debt, my friends, and plenty of cash, recurring cash, flowing in the company. Plenty of money set aside. Check. Um, high functioning executive assistant. I found Allie [00:08:00] Wright earlier in, um, 2023 and she has been, uh, amazing. Highly recommend hiring nurses who are competent at working in, um, very stressful situations where you have to make rapid decisions because she came from the O.

R. And she does a really good job managing urgent versus. Non urgent things as well as being able to take care of me and my energy. Um, organized business guys. We're organized as fuck. I just recently hired a, um, a chief, uh, marketing officer. I have now a CTO chief technical off, uh, tech officer. We're working through some.

Awesome integration on the back end. I had a vision earlier this year that in order to scale where we're headed, we must be super, super savvy from a tech perspective and from a metric perspective, because the money's getting real, right? And we need to be able to watch it and manage it. In a very real time way.

[00:09:00] Um, and so I've never felt more organized in my company with the people we're bringing in. We just posted for a marketing project manager to come in as a full time position. So we've got a lot going on there. That's just incredible. Highly engaged clients, guys, I have never had such qualified. High caliber clients in my life.

It has been such a joy to work with our clients this year. Um, how about this one? I love this one. I wrote down and I'm going to like hold it up for the screen. I wrote down, where is it? Um, 300 K. Launches. Guys, I'm going to say that one more time. My goal at the beginning of this past year was 300k launches.

We closed out in December. Our last launch in November, we did 830, 000. We did more than double my initial [00:10:00] January goals of launches. I hope this inspires you guys and reiterates the power of quantum growth, quantum growth. Like, people are like, how the fuck did she do that kind of growth, right? How do we do it?

Through visioning, through focusing on it, through taking radical action with confidence and your intuition, right? And empowering an incredible team and surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you. Don't let your ego get in the way. Everyone on my team is better at what they do and know more than I do , right?

As far as their niche position in the company. Right. Um, the last thing I have here is a high functioning team. If you know me and you know my team, you know, you know, we, I I have the A team, right? I have the A team, and I'm taking them all to Mival. Um, next month to celebrate our success this [00:11:00] past year and, um, positively impact them and have them slow down and restore a little bit after the wave of January, embracing and welcoming in all of our new incredible mastermind members, all of our incredible business accelerator clients and all of our, uh, LinkedIn method Academy clients that will be, um, coming in or the, uh, I'm sorry, our Academy clients.

It's now called the Academy, um, our Academy clients. So, with that, my friends, I highly encourage you in this new year to write down your black and white measurable intentions for this year and ask yourself why these are your intentions and then Write down how it's going to make you feel every time you think about succeeding and get into that physiological state every day before you start your [00:12:00] day for the next 365 days.

And I hope you can come back to me at the end of this year and celebrate the way I've been able to do with you with checking off every damn thing. I hope you guys have a wonderful kickoff to 2024, and I'll see you guys, uh, in the back end.

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