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Christine is known for her expertise in hospital pharmacy leadership as a residency trained clinical pharmacist. Her passion and purpose are empowering others to reach their health goals without pharmaceuticals, while also helping them experience financial freedom. She is an e-commerce expert entrepreneur in social selling and has been leading a global team for 5yrs. Also known as a real “Wonderwoman”, she is an athlete with an upcoming product line of sports bras. Christine describes her background, highlighting key points and decisions that took her to where she is today.


For the year 2021, her goal is to help 10 pharmacists become full-time moms.  This is by teaching them “Exit Strategy”, and helping burnt-out medical professionals build and scale their profitable virtual practice. All this, while working as a virtual health care provider entrepreneur.  Listen in today as she explains how the idea of sacrificing personal health and time for the family to climb up the corporate ladder was unappealing. How it became her motivation to make radical decisions necessary to create her schedule and be the person she wanted to be.

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