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Making a conversion event click depends on a lot of factors but timing is what holds things all together.

In this no-nonsense hot seat coaching session, Melissa spills the beans on launch timelines and how to sync them up to get the best results.

Got something big brewing on the horizon? This gem is exactly what you need.

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Hey. Hey. Hey. I hope you guys enjoy these, what I'm calling podcast shorts for my burnout to all out community. This is just a little peek behind the curtain of the coaching that goes on inside of my programs. We're bringing to you Some of the best nuggets and coaching I'm giving, within hot seats of all of our different programs, whether it's our LinkedIn Method Academy, our mini mastermind business basics, all the way up to our higher level mastermind. If you're hearing some of these questions and you're like, man, I wish I could get my burning question answered by Melissa. Hey.


Guess what? You could be featured on my podcast. If you've got a question that you want answered and you submit it to my team and we pick it, we will bring you here to the podcast for our podcast shorts and, do a hot seat with you. Where can you submit your questions? Send them to team burnout to all out .co. We'll make sure we drop that in the show notes for our podcast shorts, and I hope that You guys find as much value in these shorts as our clients do inside the program. Need some effective tactical advice that actually helps you get results and makes a real difference in your life and business? You've come to the right place. If you're finding yourself here today, it means you're getting ready to gain serious traction in your business, rapidly multiply your income and impact, and you're ready to make it happen while living all out. Guys, I'm Melissa Henault, your trustworthy corporate dropout turned 6 figure business burnout turned happy and healthy CEO of a multimillion dollar online business, and you're listening to the burnout to all out podcast. On this show, we're serving up innovative growth strategies, simple implementation methods to put them into practice and action stimulating inspiration tailored specifically for the modern entrepreneur.


Let's dive in.


Can you walk me through the time line then? So when should I from this day, when should I do the conversion event? And then when should I close cart? And when should I launch?


Yeah. Okay. So let me walk you through that, and then I'll I'm gonna move on because I wanna make sure that everybody gets their questions answered. But what I would say is give yourself 2 weeks to recruit. So give yourself 2 weeks. So today's Tuesday. I prefer doing launch days on Mondays Tuesdays. I just think show rates a lot higher than Thursday, Fridays.


People travel. They're, like, out. Like, they're just busier. I would recruit, like, from now till I would launch on the 21st. Now I actually and then this is where a lot of you maybe are new to this. You also need to be cognizant about what's going on in the world. So actually launching, like, 21st to 24th is a horrible idea for the large majority of females whose children are going back to school. So this is again where you might wanna pump your brakes and say, maybe I actually wanna launch after everybody's back in school.


And this is where you maybe this is gonna make your armpits sweat, but I would say after Labor Day. If you really wanna crowdsource an audience and get really clear, like, September 11th because people between mid August and Labor Day are scattered as hell. Like, your sales numbers are not gonna be ideal because it's hard to source a group and get their attention when they're Dropping kids off at college, getting kids back to school, doing the back to school supply list, conversations with all the teachers. If you're in my world, I have 3 kids, 3 different teachers. It's just you're not gonna get my attention. Right? So those are the market things you have to think about even if the launch date works for you, does it work for your targeted audience? And I truly believe late August, early September is not a great launch date. So you either want to do it before or after.


I'd have the tax deadline for 15th September, so then I can sell it to accountants.


That's what the deadline you're up against. So then I would recruit. Then, I mean, this is where you just learn and go. Right? So The 21st, it depends on what part of the country you're marketing to. Like, where we are, schools don't start till the following week, and you're up against the tax deadline going towards accountants. So these are all the variables you have to take into play. I say get your feet wet and just do it. Recruit till 21st, have your launch, and open cart on the 21st and have a live action bonus on that day.


Close your cart on the 23rd. People have to make their decision before things get hairy into tax season and hairy into back to school. That's what I would say. But for everyone else who's listening, who's thinking about launching something right now, and you're not against the deadline with the the tax season, I would kind of buffer over that. I would go past Labor Day.


Thank you so much.


Thanks guys so much for listening in on today's podcast episode, and I can't wait for you to see my upcoming guest in the next episode. You are going to love this keynote speaker. Work. Hey. Here's the deal. If you like this, please subscribe and leave a review. And you want the latest online business growth strategies and clusive LinkedIn pro tips sent straight to your phone. Text the word update to 704 318-2285.


That is text the word update to 704 318-2285. Can't wait to see you guys. Come find me over on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, book wherever you like to hang. Cannot wait to hear how you are enjoying and applying what peer learning. You guys reach out to me over on social because I love hearing what's resonating with you. When you reach out to me and you send me those personal DMs, they really do impact the content I continue to bring forward to you. So, again, come find me, melissa_ Henault over on Instagram, Melissa Henault over on LinkedIn and Facebook. Can't wait to see you guys over there.

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