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Creating consistent content is the best way to get in front of more eyes.

In this informative hot seat, Melissa takes questions about building your impressions.  Her spot on advice about putting yourself out there will leave you wanting more.

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[00:00:00] first off, let's celebrate some wins because last week was a pretty awesome week and I'm pretty excited about it because it's finally starting to kick off, but I had.

About five to seven off linked in calls with people wanting to be looking at job opportunities. I had one contract signed with a bank, and two more leads that I'm visiting with them this week so potentially three placements. That I'm pretty excited about. Um, so that was a huge, huge win. So definitely my inbox has been packed.

Um, I mean, it's actually been kind of tough to keep up with, to be honest. Now with that being said, so my big growth opportunity right now is, um. Expanding my network, expanding my contacts, um, at the beginning of last week, I started with like 339 and now I'm at 369. So I've grown my 30 contacts. I've really started doing the content, which I think everyone can attest to this.

This is like my nervous spot on posting content. And I try to really stay consistent with it [00:01:00] at least five out of the seven days a week. Now with that, and I don't know if I'm just jumping the gun and being hard on myself, but what about with like impressions with that? I feel like I'm not really getting any impressions.

Is it, people are kind of stalking me, seeing what I'm doing, you know, when do I need to like, look at it and pivot and say, okay, what do I need to be doing differently to start getting the impressions? Yeah, great question. So how many new people have you added to your network since you started the academy?

So I really started doing the networking, like honestly, starting of last week. So I've expanded by 30 people, um, of new people. And I, like I said, my DM has been full and I've been very grateful for that. I'm just not seeing it on the post. And I don't know if it's because my target market is more. The employees, so they're not like they personally do not post a lot.

I don't know. I would not. Here's the thing. We don't want to change anything before we have enough data for real [00:02:00] assessment and 30 new people in your network is not a large enough audience. Okay. So, I would, I mean. Technically, you want to see about five. I mean, you guys hear me say this a lot. 500 new network is really kind of the magic number to really start seeing energy in the feed until you have 500 new people in your network.

Um, you can't really make an educated decision around content because you don't have enough people to interact with it to know whether it's because nobody sees it or because it's not engaging right now. Nobody's seeing it, right? 30 new people just isn't enough. Yeah, with that being said, um, I, I've been following my impressions and all that stuff.

So the very, so this is like my second week to really be posting content. The first week I went live. Do you feel, and last week I did not, and that's where I saw kind of a drop down, do you feel like you really need to be pushing to go live every single week to dry those [00:03:00] impressions up? So, going live helps, but I don't want to create anxiety for everybody that you have to.

But, The thing about going live is that going live actually notifies everybody that you're connected with, that you're going live, and it pushes the notifications to all, how many people do you have in your network? Like 360. Okay, yeah, so it's pushing notifications to 360 people when you go live. That's the value of going live.

Um, I'm more concerned about you guys doing consistent work on LinkedIn than having to go live. I'm more concerned about you just being consistent, putting content out whether it's live or not. Um, those of you who get a little bit anxious about streaming live, know that you can repurpose video. And restream it as though it's live.

Um, and Jackie's got some training on that. If you've got any kind of previous video or pre recorded video, right, that you [00:04:00] can type through, um, and you can even schedule it to go exactly when you want it to, for those of you who work full time, and it'll show that you're going live, right? So know that we have some modules on that.

But, um, that could be a piece of it for sure. Um, because lives do push notifications to, for people to engage. Okay, cool. My last and final question. So, and once again, there's probably not enough data and to really do this, but so my target audience is both male and females in the ag lending sector. I've noticed that those that are responding to my messages are a lot more on the female side.

I mean, is that Typical, like that women are going to respond to your message. Cause you know what I'm asking to connect. I'm saying, Hey, so and so I see that you're also a fellow Aggie in the lending industry. I love to connect with others. How's everything going at Bank of America, whatnot. And I've noticed that more women are like responding than men.

[00:05:00] That's interesting. Um, do you know what the split is for your, um, Your request to connect for men versus women. No, I don't. Because again, um, before we jump to conclusions that are more apt to respond, you may want to look to see what's your, you know, requesting and then dive down into my data there. Yeah.

That's a good point. Yeah. Okay. Well, that's it for me. That was just mainly excited and making sure I'm on the right track. Yay. So excited for you. This is so exciting. Thank you. Awesome. Awesome.

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