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Hi Burn Out to All Out Podcast listeners! I’m your host, Melissa Henault. I created Burn Out to All Out because I’m looking to create a tribe of aspiring and thriving entrepreneurs that can lift each other up and inspire and encourage each other to chase after their dreams of being their own CEO.

I’m starting this podcast the only way that makes sense: a conversation with the incredible business and mindset coach who has helped me bust through multiple breakthroughs in my mindset, business and relationships. 


Cayla was saving lives as an ER nurse back in 2011, when she had this gut feeling that she was meant for so much more. She didn’t want to choose between having a happy family and having a successful business. So she embarked on a journey to have it all.


Nine years later, she figured out a way to bring harmony into her  family’s life while helping thousands of women pursue their passions through Mommy Millionaire. 


Her three beautiful kids and supportive husband have all seen a dramatic positive change in her family’s energy throughout this process and are all thankful that she took the leap and chased her dreams relentlessly though it was certainly tough at the beginning.


From her popular Mommy Millionaire podcast, live events, courses, and more, she’s created tools for every woman to start and grow their own business. Her ultimate goal is to help one million moms become millionaires using the same principles she uses and I implement as well. Cayla has already made a huge difference in my life and I know she is changing the world for so many incredible women out there will to do the work it takes to be the CEO of not just your business, but your own life!


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