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Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Courtney has had a 20-year marketing brand building career. She is trained in innovation and has an organization of people who share a goal of time freedom. From starting at the Dr. Pepper group, Courtney describes her transition to the lifestyle she desired.

She admits facing burnout while working the typical job as a mom but recognizes and appreciates the phase as an immense learning opportunity and one for personal growth. This however didn’t distract from her goal to have time freedom with the kids. 


A lot of organizations don’t take time to work on core values that will guide decision making, and this affects overall performance as they may engage employees who don’t share such values. 

Understanding that the first few years of any business will have ups and downs creates a mindset to put in the work. This is described as “Growing Pains” which Julie defines as “good stress” especially if working for yourself noting that if you do not grow and learn, you may just shrivel up. Listen in on this conversation today as Courtney encourages young entrepreneurs to take the leap of faith. If you never take a leap of faith, you’re going to miss out.


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