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If you’re not in love with your offers, it might be time for a makeover.

Melissa takes the spotlight in this week’s sizzling hotseat session, sharing her can’t-miss insights into the art of analyzing your offers.  With her signature mix of charm and wisdom, she expertly navigates you through the process of refining your services, with an emphasis on joy, time efficiency and revenue potential.

Tune in for the inside scoop and get your audience as pumped about your business as you are!

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[00:00:00] So here's what I have discovered about, uh, this since coming into first of all, like day three of the launch, I was like, okay, holy cow, I'm missing the boat.

And then now from the academy, totally missing the boat is being able to truly niche down what I'm offering. So we have a business multi seven figure business, metal manufacturing. Brick and mortar, 15 employees, no harm, no foul, um, for the roofing and manufacturing, roofing and construction industry. We manufacture anything that's made of metal that goes on a roof, whether it's commercial, residential, sell it to distribution companies who then sell it to the roofers.

Fine, no problem. Out of that over the last, you know, six, seven years, people have reached out to us, my husband and me, how have you guys done this? How do you work together? How do you just different odds and ends of business, which I've been gone offline and said, here, let me go help you create this plan, your business, you're not following your business plan, odds and ends of just general business questions.[00:01:00]

So then in January, my husband was like, what are you doing? Like, this is a whole nother business, like go and do it. So I have been doing consulting or coaching through word of mouth. People have come to me and said, Hey, can you help me with X? Can you help me with Y? Whatever it is. Now totally niching down to this is what my area of genius is.

And this is what I'm offering to you. Like my statement, I think, says equipping entrepreneurs to fall back in love with their business or something like that. I'm solving problems. You know, last week I helped a board of directors in Tampa. Fire a CEO who we realized was embezzling money after doing a forensic audit on the company to, you know, this morning I was helping a vice president and new sales staff on board by doing disc trading.

It's so All over the place. I'm not sure where to niche down and say, Okay, this is where I'm going to land and this is what the company is going to offer. [00:02:00] Okay. So that's kind of where I'm struggling with. It's like I've, I haven't had to market. Now I'm having to, that's obviously going to dry out. So like, what's the lane that I swim in where it's going to fuel my fire.

Yeah. So like give the area of expertise where people like, Oh, I need to go to Darla for that. Yes. Okay. Yes. So here's, here's an assignment I would encourage you to go do and, and come back to us with what you come up with. Um, and I actually do this myself in November every year. Um, and what it is is really mapping what it is.

You can offer and what you can sell. Um, so, you know, down the down the, um, swim lane, like. Let's see, like, let me just show you like one, two, three, four. And I get a huge post it note. That's like huge. And down, down, down the, [00:03:00] uh, piece of paper, like offer one offer to like subject matter expertise, AB, like one, two, three, four, five.

Right. So for me, it could be like LinkedIn method, academy, business basics. Elevate 360 mastermind, LinkedIn agency, HypnoBreath work, uh, unblock your business work, right? So I have a lot of, a lot of different offers, right? Okay, so you put those down on paper, like, what is your subject matter expertise? What could you monetize?

What could you sell? And then going across the way. I want you to, um, then, um, let me just show you,

then I want you across this way to then factor in how much time it takes you to do it. Right. Um, the joy factor, like, how fun is it. And then the actual revenue on [00:04:00] it. And I would say, I mean, you're a smart business woman. It's not just revenue. What are the profit margins on it? Right. Cause sometimes some of your most expensive things like revenue wise cost you a lot to offer too.

Right. So like for me, for instance, I took one on one coaching off the board last year because. Even though I was charging out the wazoo, like every hour that I'm on screen with one person, um, drains my energy and I'm not available for anything else, which based on where we are from a scalability with our company, mathematically makes no sense for me to be sitting down with one human for an hour, right?

The ROI is just not there. Right. So, um, I also did away with our, um, our agency and I, I actually just wiped off 200 K of recurring revenue because of the amount of energy and time it was taking my team. [00:05:00] Um, it was a, it was a 40, 000 buy in and we actually still have clients in it that. I, that we've, um, that we, we love and we don't want to off board.

We're like keeping their grandfathered in until they're just done. And they just keep renewing their contracts. Not a Moss. I'm not marketing it anymore. When I looked at the time, it was taking my team, the workflow, the process, the organization, and the return on it. And the joy, the joy factor was like down here for me on it.

Like, I'm just not an agency girl. Some of you are. But when I looked at like the LinkedIn method Academy, when I look at my group coaching and my mastermind, like. Joy factor is like a 10, right? The revenue factor was like an eight. Um, the time factor was significantly less than what it is in an agency or what it is in one on one coaching.

So just because we can offer everything. Does it mean that [00:06:00] we should, and I think that when you're getting started trying to make significant business sense of time, joy, and money is really important because if it doesn't fill your cup up, but it makes you a lot of money, you're, you're, you're not going to keep going.

I promise you I've been there. Like you can only go so long just for the revenue before you burn out. Um, so I would. Rank them all and then come back to us and talk about like where you landed. Cause it's just as much about what you enjoy it as it, as it is the time and money and kind of weighing it.

Does that make sense? 100%. So then with the content in the academy and going through the building and before the automating, what have you. I'm not taking a lot of those connections, unless it's someone who is absolutely saying, like, I want to work here or what have you, I've got, I don't know, 384 connection requests and I'm, they're just sitting because to your point, I don't want to miss the mark on that.

So, as I'm building this content and putting this month's worth of content or [00:07:00] whatever it is, I'm, I'm posting kind of just generic feel good entrepreneur type postings just to stay relevant, but then I'm going and. Um, commenting in those other spaces of the influencers, the Gary Vee, the Simon Sineks, you know, all those other guys.

Is that where you would probably stay put until I finish kind of this and just keep that content building? Yeah, I think that's a great idea and that's a really good thought. Oh my gosh, a bird just like. Totally slammed into my glass, um, is you, even if you don't know exactly what you're going to be selling or what you're ultimately going to be monetizing, most of you have a general grasp of like your subject matter expertise, right?

So maybe you don't know exactly what you're going to sell or like exactly how you're going to price it or exactly when it's going to start, but that shouldn't hold you back from becoming kind of a general expert in your field. If that's the one thing you can really start on now. Is like what content can you be pumping out weekly that's going to make [00:08:00] you relevant and people are going to recognize you for being in that field and that space so that when you do get more granular, you're not just a surprise.

So I think that's really smart. Yeah. Thank you.

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