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Taking the leap from your 9-5 into entrepreneurship can be challenging.  It can be a big ‘ol juggling act as you try to build your dream while still paying the bills!

Today’s coaching sesh is all about straddling dual messaging like a pro.  Melissa gives her as-always expert advice along with some serious inspo about building a network on the down low.

If you’re ready to transition from the old to the new, this one’s for you!

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[00:00:00] Hi, Melissa. Um, I joined the, I'm excited to be here. I joined the Academy, um, because I'm a little lost and trying to, um, develop my niche. I think that, um, my background is a global person. HR, uh, CHRO, um, and I transitioned to being a coach, um, and I have a coach and a consulting business, an HR consulting business.

My business, um, from a coaching standpoint is. You know, I do high potentials. I do those individual contributors moving into a management role, or those, um, vice presidents or senior vice presidents that grow into, um, the C suite. And so, while, while I do recognize it's a very broad niche, I am having a hard time bringing it [00:01:00] down and, um.

Trying to separate that also from my HR consulting business. My business has grown, uh, from word of mouth. Since I joined the academy, I've been posting different things. Um, I've been understanding who my audience is. Um, I've been shy about it because I'm not clear. And so one of the reasons why I joined the Academy was to get better clarity, um, and help me get my head straight about this.

And most importantly, transition my mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur. And so I know that's a lot, but here I am. And thank you for, for, you know, I invested in my time and thank you and your team for the amazing unconditional support. I feel like. Anytime, any [00:02:00] place, anywhere, any of you show up and I'm grateful for that.

Oh, I'm so glad. Oh, I'm so glad. And I'm excited to go through some coaching with you on this and let us know in the chat, anybody feel like they're in a similar space, maybe multiple, a client like basis kind of trying to get clear on what you're marketing. Um, so this coaching may be applicable to a lot of you.

And sorry, there's like a piece of fuzz in my eye. It's driving me nuts. Um, so let me ask you this. So you share with me the coaching place. The coaching piece is more one on one kind of transitioning individuals to management roles or presidents into C suite roles. That's like one on one coaching. Tell me a little bit about your consulting business.

Who is your ideal client in your consulting business? It's, um, uh, me to large size companies, and I come in either with projects that are needed, um, at a, at a global level. I'm [00:03:00] Hispanic and a lot of my career track has been in Spanish language, media, and entertainment, um, as well as NBC for more than 20 years.

So I, um. It's those types of companies, um, either that are going into, uh, MNA integration, startup re engineering or enhancement of HR functions. Okay. Okay. Awesome. All right. So my follow up question to this is between, and there's no right answer. And you guys, some of you can be asking yourself the same question.

So between the coaching business and the consulting business. When you look at your business plan, if you have one, um, are you leaning any more heavily towards one than the other, as far as focused with revenue goal, long term goal of like maybe segregating out and closing one down? Or are you looking at complete haves, he's trying to run both at the [00:04:00] same time.

Like what's your long game? So, um, my passion is coaching and my HR toolbox and my know how I do coaching, but consulting is I enjoy that too. So I would say that long term probably I would wean down the consulting, um, and do those on a, let's call them one offs. But is it, is it fair to say right now, that's probably what's paying the bills.

It's like, that's what's paying the bills. Okay. Okay. So it's kind of like, you don't want to cut your nose off to spite your face. You got to keep the revenue coming in, but you want to turn the ship. You want to, you want to take the. Titanic and kind of turn it. And we can't do that overnight with, if we tried to flip it overnight, we would just totally cut off our revenue stream of what's working for us.

Right. Is what I'm hearing you say. And if any of the found it, I got the heart, I got the hair. Um, if any of the rest of you are feeling this way. [00:05:00] Know that you're not alone and know that we, we've been through the same thing. And, um, we over the, some of you guys on the line have witnessed it. I know George has, it took me a year and a half to completely turn a ship.

I didn't do it overnight. Right. There's an elegant way. To, um, to, to move, um, without confusing your audience. So, um, let's get really clear. So first and foremost, from a, from a content, let's talk about content and then let's talk about network growth. Okay. So what I would encourage you to do is give yourself the, what's going to clarify the swim lanes is trying not to put them together.

Okay. I want to give you permission. Um, for those of you who have to continue to market and run one business while you're lifting up another is just separate out the content, right? So. When you get to and you're brand new, right? So I don't want to overwhelm you with like giving you too much, but what I want to give you a runway on is when you [00:06:00] get to the modules around content mapping, okay, what you're going to want to ask yourself is in a seven day, or if you're only going to post five days a week, that's fine too, in a recurring.

period of content push, um, I need to split the content that's going out so that, you know, maybe two days a week, my content going out, or maybe even one, like I talk about the authority build, which is usually day one and content mapping. For you, you're going to have two authority builds, right? So one day content is going to go out building authority and value around consulting because that's still part of your business, right?

And then, um, a second day of the week, it's going to be to the individual. You're going to be an authority speaking to the individual that you want to coach. That's transitioning, right? Completely different message, which is why they need to be. Completely different pieces of content. Right. And so what you're [00:07:00] going to want to do is just hold yourself accountable routinely, quite frankly, weekly to nurturing both if you're pivoting and you really want to focus more on the consulting.

I encourage you to be heavier on the content that's going to speak to the consulting client, but don't neglect or forget. To occasionally throw a bone to your, your, your, um, consulting industry, because I know some of you, you're concerned about a raise of eyebrows of like, well, is she abandoning us? What else is she doing?

Is she really, you know, is she given us her all right. So it's like kind of doing that dance, um, until you've built a book of business that you feel confident from a revenue standpoint, that you're ready to just. Shut down the marketing aspect of the consulting doesn't mean you're still not consulting.

You don't still have clients, but you're confident with the revenue stream you've generated with the coaching. And now you're going all in beefing up your coaching message. [00:08:00] Right. Um, so for each of you who kind of are straddling to offers like that, it's just really important. That your constant is completely separate on different days.

Don't try to mesh it into the same message, right? Um, and put it out on different days. Okay. So that's number one. Okay. Um, number two is the network growth strategy, right? So if you're feeling like you still need to grow your book of business with consulting while coaching. And again, this is enough to make some of your, your head spin a little bit, but this is a great question.

Is when you get into the network growth strategy modules, um, you know, we encourage you guys to grow your network every single day. Um, we, like I. Reaching to the, like I do the same thing every single day. We add at least 20 people to my network. Okay. Um, and so what I would encourage you to do is just split that network growth strategy.

So a portion of that network growth strategy probably needs to be to key [00:09:00] decision makers and that mid to large size, um, companies that you want us to land deals with. However, if you're wanting to lean a little bit heavily, more heavily towards kind of lead gen for coaching, maybe you want to spend 60 to 80 percent of your network growth really going towards the manager, the individuals and the president to C suite kind of network growth strategy, right?

So you could, so let's say if you've got five days out of a week, maybe three days a week, or even four, let's just do this. Two days a week, you're growing a network towards the individual going to management role. Um, two days a week, you're growing your network from president to the C suite space. And then one day a week, you're growing in the midsize business space so that you're actually really kind of building an audience that's towards your long term goal, but you're not neglecting what's paying the bills right now.

Does that make sense? 100%. 100%.

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