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Jen is a mom of 4 in network marketing for over 15yrs, and she has been providing tremendous value in leadership to women across the world. She has been featured in the Canadian business opportunity magazine, speaking on stages globally for decades. Recently, a few years ago, she also started her coaching business. Jen describes some of the typical shortcomings of the corporate world that motivated her to create her path. Of particular note is the idea that to move forward at work, someone else has to step back. 


Another crucial driving factor was that even with job satisfaction, there was always a strong desire to achieve, but in the corporate setting, Jen discovered that much of that achievement was out of her control. Most importantly, she realized that the benefit of having a business is that it allows you to schedule a time for your family and yourself.


Jen emphasizes the need to invest in yourself as this inevitably so affects your performance in your business. Join us in this episode discussing how to overcome burnout, as a pivot point to propel you towards creating a thriving business with adequate consideration to having time for yourself and your family

Connect with Jen:

Podcast: Becoming Iconic

Instagram: Jenszpigiel or Becomingiconicpodcast


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