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Dr. Sarah is a chiropractor by training who had her practice based in Canada. After a few years, she went into marketing medical devices realizing she had little passion as a chiropractor. 

Her passion developed while studying Biology and Behavior of sleep, after which she became a Paediatric Sleep Consultant in Silicon Valley.  To a large extent, most of her work is targeted towards helping mums put their babies to sleep, and sharing her strategies for overcoming the fatigue of motherhood.


Melissa and Sarah are in a business Mastermind together and they discuss the immense impact of sleep on general performance at work. Dr. Sarah also notes some common habits that function as “sleep sabotagers”. Join this episode today as the different systems affecting sleep and its productivity are discussed. Also highlighted were various tips, ideas, and methods to maximize sleep as well as advantages of having a good sleeping habit.

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Recommended book – 

Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life

Book by Louise Hay


Dr. Sarah’s Meditation before starting her day – 

Youtube: Abraham – Esther Hicks: Everything is always working out for me. 


How to contact Dr. Sarah –

LinkedIn – Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Help with sleep for little ones under age 4: 

Instagram: helpingbabiessleep

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