Melissa henault

Its my Grandmothers 96th birthday on Saturday.


If you listened to episode #1 you know I lived with her from the ages of 13-18 and she helped raise me.


Quite a bond.


Here are some things I’ve learned from this woman. In retrospect, she was a progressive woman for her time


  1. Starts her day EVERY day with the bible- the 1 year bible.  Never too knowledgeable about scripture and how it applies to you life, as your life evolves and changes so do your insights of scripture.
    1. Tithing 10% monthly to the church no matter how little or how much 


  1. Never stop learning, evolving, growing
    1. Draftswoman in World War
    2. Flight attendant 
    3. Helped birth a million dollar business on her back porch with her 5 kids
    4. Pilots License 
    5. Real-estate after divorce- income properties with assets


  1. Don’t hold grudges
    1. Divorced around 50 after raising 5 children and supporting a husband who created a multi-million dollar business
    2. Cheated on her, alcoholism, all the things
    3. Good friends until the end


  1. Self-care should be a priority-
    1. 5 kids under 7, lock herself in the bathroom and get dressed up before husband came home
      1. Swimming pool-laps, pull-up, push-ups
    2. Exercise religiously
    3. Water Always-take to bed, wake up in the am with it


  1. Travel the world 
    1. Debutant or go to sweeden with your friends
    2. Even traveled solo post death of her second husband in travel clubs


  1. Care less about Status and more about substance in life
    1. Example above is just one of many


  1. Have fun ALWAYS
    1. Ride go-carts with us at 60!
    2. Big parties
    3. Big family gatherings
    1. Craisen oatmeal cookies
    2. Shrimp from next door 
    3. Coupons
  2. Waste Nothing (Product of the great depression)
    1. Balance check book every month to the penny
    2. Loaned me money for my first new car-less interest than the bank. She calculated it every month and showed me how to 
  3. No where your money is ALWAYS
  4. Invest in realestate
    1. We lived with her 
  5. There for her children when in need
    1. Dutch clogs
  6. Fashion forward
    1. Unconditional love and acceptance to all colors and nationalities 
    2. Foreighn exchange students even though she had 5 kids 
    3. Local international college students over for holidays
    4. Strangers, big groups always welcome to the house 
    5. Be curious, ask questions, try new things
  7. Be a stranger to no-one


Ups and downs in her life. But a constant every day, every month, every year is her relationship to God and open mind and acceptance to new opportunities in life. 


Very wise and good with her money, investments and health. 


She has shown me there is more good in the world than bad, that you make life what you want of it, care less of what others think of you and more on the impact you can make to the legacy you leave behind, and God Always has your back!


Cannot wait to share this list with her when I see her on Friday.


Hey friend!

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