Melissa henault

Are you the victim or the victor?  Do you walk around saying, “Why Me?”  Or do you say, “Try Me”? 

In today’s episode on Burn out to All Out, Melissa recounts the most traumatic day of her life.  Unknowingly walking right into an armed robbery.  In the early moments, she had no place to run, no way to fight and became immobilized.  After seeing another customer and remembering a local news story, she found her path and took a chance.  Breaking through the door to the freedom on the other side.

This story isn’t just about Melissa’s choices that day but also about the choices you can make about your business today.  Will you be the damsel in distress?  Or will you fight?  Or perhaps make a different choice.  You can be the victim or the victor of your life, which do you choose?


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