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Social Media is everywhere.  Is your business creating valuable content and reaching your ideal audience through your social media channels?  Today’s episode is packed with juicy content on how you can serve your audience with content that they care about, connects with them, and engages them to comment or take action.  Melissa is talking to Corrie Jones, CEO of Untapped Digital about your social media presence, audience, and where she sees social media moving in the future.


Corrie Jones, at the age of 23, started her own business helping brands bring their presence online to social media.  Now, 6 years later, she runs an amazing business that not only embraces the social media struggles for clients but also strategy, advertising, and courses.  Corrie talks about her business, the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur but then also offers some super important information about what you should be offering YOUR audience with your socials and how important accessibility and diversity is within your socials.  This episode is packed with great content, you don’t want to miss it.



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