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Your ability to sell today is impacting your business.  Are you underselling or short selling to clients?  If so, you may not be serving them to your fullest potential.  In today’s episode, Melissa is talking all about high ticket sales.  Do you know who your clients are?  Do you know where they hang out?  Do you know how to have any authentic conversation with them?  Melissa unpacks the 4 mistakes people make when trying to close high ticket sales.  And you’ll be surprised at how easy these mistakes are to fix.


Melissa doesn’t leave you hanging and also dives into what you can do on a high-ticket call to close the deal.  Plus, do you know the day of the week most people are apt to purchase a high-ticket item?  Decision fatigue is a real thing!  Connect on your clarity calls but keep the “impression of increase”.  Are you intrigued yet on what Melissa is talking about?  Then join us for this episode of Burn Out to All Out.  You won’t be disappointed.


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