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That buzzword, Human Design.  It’s your operating manual, your unique roadmap.  This is the information that keeps you grounded, practical, and tactical both in life and in business.  Melissa is interviewing Human Design expert, Erin Claire Jones on how she got started in Human Design and what it really is.  Erin examines Melissa’s Human Design pattern, and they discuss Melissa’s “Generator” path.  


Find out how you can review your Human Design and reveal the energetic blueprint of how you are wired to thrive in business, love, and life.  Her website will reveal your unique Human Design, and with her special offer for Melissa’s listeners, you can learn more about yourself and your Human Design.


Books Mentioned in the episode:

Fatherhood is Leadership: Your Playbook for Success, Self-Leadership, and a Richer Life by Devon Bandison

Will by Will Smith

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