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Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential?  Do you know that the SEO on LinkedIn is so amazing, that’s typically the first link to pop up when you Google your name?  Yeah, go try it!  There has been a massive spike in LinkedIn users over the last few years.  And LinkedIn is growing.  2022 tops their best revenue year yet.  This platform isn’t going away, it’s just getting better and better. So, are you using it?

We are kicking off our second season of the Burnout to All Out podcast by answering the question… Why use LinkedIn?  It’s not just great for SEO but also an unsaturated platform where you can be yourself and meet other people that are looking for you!  By creating your optimized portfolio, and content pillars and following up with strategic network growth, you can use LinkedIn to grow your audience, network, and find organic reach.  This episode will give you a few stats but also a clear path to find your way on the platform.

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