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Looking to live a life with purpose?  Discovering, knowing, and embracing your enneagram can help you transform yourself and lead with confidence.   Your enneagram isn’t just the latest fad, but an important psychological tool that can help you understand not only yourself but those around you.


Listen as multi-million dollar entrepreneur, speaker, author, and enneagram coach, Tracy O’Malley, shares the story of her riveting journey to fame and fortune.  She survived pivots in business, divorce, single motherhood, illness, and alcohol addiction, then went on to create a flourishing empire.  She is an inspirational role model and an exceptional teacher to thousands of women.


She’ll share her best advice on how you can leverage your natural strengths to adapt, operate and respond in the world.  Knowing your sweet spot and loving it is the key to success in business and life.  If you’re ready to acknowledge your blocks and get “unstuck” to fully free yourself, this podcast is for you!  


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