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Do you ever feel bloated, stressed, and exhausted — all wrapped up into one?

If you’ve had that feeling (or are feeling it right now), I know where you’re at! 

Becoming an entrepreneur, building a 7-figure business, and being a mom of three can be a challenge. And even though living this all-out life is incredibly rewarding, uncomfortable feelings creep in from time to time — especially when it comes to gut health.

That’s why I’m so excited to have Bridgitte Carrol on the Burnout to All Out Podcast today!

Bridgitte is a functional dietitian turned entrepreneur and all-around badass that is building an empire in nutrition and wellness. One month after starting her online private practice, Bridgitte made $42,000 in sales and has taken leap after leap of trying and launching new things to grow her nutrition brands!

I recently met Bridgitte at a mastermind we both attended: The rest is history. We’ve built a fantastic friendship, and our business collaborations have really manifested since then.

Get ready because today’s episode is going to be an incredible journey!

We will cover everything from building a successful consumer packaged goods brand to overcoming limiting beliefs to gut health importance for entrepreneurs. So, if you’re ready to add more value to your all-out life, this episode is for you.

Who Is Bridgitte Carroll?

As a pharmacist, I really connect with Bridgitte’s background. Before launching Gut Personal Supplements, her line of personalized dietary supplements, and starting her 7-figure business coaching business, Bridgitte worked as a dietitian.

“I was working at a holistic pharmacy outside of Boston [before I started my businesses] — that’s where I’m based now. And even before that, I became a conventional dietitian and had so many issues. I had thyroid issues and gained a lot of weight. I had migraines, and I couldn’t go to the bathroom every day.” – Bridgitte Carroll

Every time Bridgette went to the doctor to search for a solution to her symptoms, she didn’t find an answer. She was prescribed more and more medication and found that it wasn’t helping her at all. Because of these consistent problems, Bridgitte started looking for something outside the realm of conventional treatment.

All of her medical issues led Bridgitte down the path back to school, where she started studying functional medicine. Her studies pushed her to find the “why” behind her physical problems rather than only treating the symptoms, which put her in charge of her own health and in a unique position professionally.

“I had always created my own job inside other people’s companies, which many of us entrepreneurs do before we leave the nine-to-five. Right before the pandemic, I was working for a holistic pharmacy and I had my own practice within this pharmacy — it was also a retail shop for supplements. I got really good at not only working with clients one-on-one but working with supplements as well.” – Bridgitte Carroll

I love how Bridgitte used her personal challenges to drive herself forward and unlock her entrepreneurial spirit! By setting up her own practice within someone else’s business, she could hone her skills as a functional dietitian before stepping out on her own.

As Bridgette worked within the walls of someone else’s business, magic started happening in her life. She realized more and more that she could take these skills she developed and put them to use for herself rather than two guys who owned a pharmacy who didn’t care about her personally.

And that’s exactly what she did

How to Level Up Your Business: The Story of Bridgette’s Private Practice

Bridgitte’s road to learning how to heal herself holistically by improving her overall gut health got her thinking: I’m excellent at this. Why should I make money for someone else when I could do it for myself? 

This revelation motivated her to start researching how she could start a private practice, which led her to start working with a business coach. And once she took the leap of faith to step out on her own, Bridgitte saw extraordinary results!

“I worked with a business coach before I quit my job for a month, and then a month into working with the business coach, I was like, All right, I’m leaving my nine-to-five. The only thing I did was get on social media, show my face, and really bring the passion of what I was doing — which was healing people’s guts and working with them one-to-one.” – Bridgitte Carroll

Guys, her decision paid off massively. I know I said it in the intro, but I just want to say it again because it feels so good. In her first month, Bridgitte made $42,000! 

The crazy part is she knew she was doing well, but Bridgitte didn’t even realize how great she was doing until a few months later. She was so focused on making things happen that she hadn’t even taken the time to review her books until she’d already been in business an entire quarter.

“My fist month in business was $42,000, and I was like, Wow! By the way, didn’t know this until three months later. That’s how much I didn’t know my numbers and my books — don’t recommend that. But it was really cool to realize, okay, in three months of starting this business, I had already made back my six-figure salary and more.” – Bridgitte Carroll

After realizing how lucrative her private practice was, Bridgitte began leveling up her business big time. She hired business coaches to guide her and stepped out into the unknown with no safety net — living all out.

I love the steps Bridgitte took after her first month in private practice and her willingness to accept that she didn’t know everything she needed to be successful. She was making back her six-figure salary in a month by selling her service-based business on social media, and she could have sat back and said, “This works.”

It’s easy to get complacent and stick to one routine once it starts making you money. Complacency is one of the major stumbling blocks that keep you from building those 7- and 8-figure businesses, and the only way to fight that feeling is to make yourself uncomfortable. 

Are you living in your comfort zone, or do you intentionally pursue discomfort to grow? When you search for things that push you out of your comfort zone, you’ll start living your all-out life and level up your brand! 

Why Gut Health Is Important for Entrepreneurs

I could talk about Bridgitte’s business strategy for hours, but I’d be doing her a disservice if we didn’t take a second to talk about her zone of genius. The private practice she started has grown into a massive coaching, consulting, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand that revolves around one core belief — changing people’s lives by improving their gut health.

It’s so crucial for you as an entrepreneur to take care of your gut health because it affects so much more than your digestion. Your gut microbiome communicates with every other system in your body, and poor gut health can cause significant issues with your hormone levels, heart health, and mental state. If you don’t energetically take care of your health, it will cause a ripple effect that influences your business.

Here’s the one thing Bridgitte believes you need to keep your gut happy and healthy: 

“I think the key to staying really healthy is having a personalized plan. Whether that’s working with a functional medicine dietitian or whether that’s taking our quiz at Gut Personal and getting your results that are right for you.” – Bridgitte Carroll

Part of every personalized gut health plan, according to Bridgette, is magnesium. When we’re stressed, our bodies break down magnesium. This magnesium deficiency can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, and even irregular heart rhythms. And since your body cannot produce magnesium, you must take it in from an outside source.

If you’re looking for a great supplement, The Miracle Worker from Gut Personal can counteract those effects and improve your focus, sleep, and digestion.

Another thing to remember is that women have more gut health problems than men on average, and much of that has to do with hormone levels.

“Women struggle with gut health issues — 75% of us have gut issues or have had them. … So many different things [cause our gut issues], but a big one is that our hormones are different. Hormones affect the gut, and the gut affects hormone. Pregnancy also really affects gut health, and we tend to internalize stress more into our gut.” – Bridgitte Carroll

If you’re curious about how to improve your gut health, visit the Gut Personal site and take their quiz. I know that my life changed dramatically when I learned how to take better care of my gut. 

You can change your life and gut health, too — all it takes is moving in the right direction toward healthy choices.

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs as a Modern Entrepreneur

The success Bridgitte has already accomplished with her personal health brands is astounding. She went from zero to $1 million in revenue in 16 months, and she’s expanded her brand from health coaching to business coaching and consumer packaged goods.

And that’s not all. Bridgitte plans to grow her CPG brand until she can sell for $100 million!

It’s clear that she’s got some inner work strategies that help her knock away her limiting beliefs and just freaking go after it. So if you’ve got those thoughts that are keeping you from living all out, here’s her advice for you:

“Honestly, I think what makes us successful entrepreneurs is that we look ‘em in the eye and say, ‘I can.’ But it takes very intentional inner-work to be able to do that.” – Bridgitte Carroll

A practice Bridgette strongly believes in that helps her overcome those limiting beliefs is hypnobreathwork. This breathwork practice helps you clear your chaotic energy by combining it with hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious beliefs and achieve your goals.

And guys, if you’re reading this right now and going, I’m not sure about that one. I’ll stand here and say, “Breathwork works!” I’ve been incorporating breathwork into my routine for a while now, and there’s nothing like it. Breathwork helps me align my energy so I can get shit done and live my all-out life. 

Join Bridgitte Carroll & Start Living Your ALL-OUT Life Today!

Friends, I want to sincerely thank Bridgitte for being on the show. Her story is freaking inspiring, and I’m so glad our paths crossed at that mastermind. The wisdom she has to share about taking care of your gut health and living all out is second to none.

Be sure to check out the Gut Personal website to learn more about how you can improve your health today. You can also follow her on LinkedIn to soak in all the knowledge she has to offer there.

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I’ve made my rounds over the past three years and have been a part of masterminds that have helped me grow my network, mindset, and business to where I am today. And now, I sit at this awesome space and have the opportunity to take all the key components of the masterminds that had the largest impact on me and launch my own.

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And always remember to live ALL OUT,

Dr. Melissa Henault


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