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Becoming a brand new entrepreneur involves bringing a mix of tenacity and dedication to the table.

In today’s quick coaching session, we’ll catch up with a client who’s just getting her feet wet in her new business.  Melissa’s shares her insights about the value of taking imperfect action and embracing the learning process.

Get the scoop on how to handle the inevitable wall-kicking and learning moments of startup challenges. 

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[00:00:00] Miss Monica. Hey, Melissa. Wow. This has been so I mean, I was taking so many notes so informative. I've you've been in my ears all day. I've been to all three calls. So thank you. But I am brand new to all of this. ,

thank you. My question. Is I have recently left nursing and launching myself as a health and life coach. , I would love your eyeballs on my headline because I've actually been listening to all week's, , modules just over and over and kind of working with it. , and I would just love your opinion and thoughts.

, and I've been doing a lot of work on my avatar and what their needs are. , tell us a little bit about your avatar. Yeah. So , I've been working with both male and female. , so I'm a nurse. I worked in the women's healthcare for 18 years.

And so I gravitate more towards women, but as I've been entering into , the coaching space, I've had the opportunity to work , with some young men and I've actually felt like I've made an impact there. So that's. Part of my consideration, but gender neutral, it's [00:01:00] the empowered seeker, right?

, , they want to get better. They have personal development values, but they are lacking in purpose. They are burnt out. So my statement about myself is I work with burnt out professionals who are feeling depleted in every area of life, and I help them reclaim their energy, Purpose and balance without sacrificing success.

So it's a lot of my journey, like the burnt out professional learning, how habit change. And I'm really passionate about learning about the neuroscience of happiness and habit change and neuroplasticity. And so that's just a little bit of what I bring to the table, plus my nursing and a dual certification and health life coaching.

That's a lot of information that I serve. Yeah, no, this is good. What I'm going to do is I'm actually going to make you a presenter. If you want to share your headline. Sure. Let's see.

. Guiding you to clarity of purpose and meaningful goals. Nurse turned life coach, elevated fulfillment, [00:02:00] reducing stress and cultivating success. Well, I love this. Guiding you to clarity of purpose and meaningful goals. This is great. So just to kind of recap, so would you say, and look at the impressions they're up 14%,

So would you say one of the biggest challenges , or ideal, like. , accomplishments with your clients is , getting clear on like, why am I here like purpose and just like getting back in alignment with what matters. Is that where you're headed with this? I think that is what resonates with me and where I want to be careful is like, is that what resonates?

To the population that I want to serve, and so I definitely think that's where , I'm feeling a little lost and this feels good, but lackluster, , I think, empowering, I think, helping people understand that they can change their brain that they can actually. Implement habits, and this is based in science, and it's not all just woo, right, like, but you can [00:03:00] actually this is scientific proof.

And I mean, I love that you're going to this retreat and oh, my goodness, I won't go there, but focus. , those are the types of things that get me excited and that what I think I bring to the table. So,, I think this is a really good lesson for everyone.

I think that your headline, this is a beautiful foundation for where you're headed. I want you to know that over the next six months, you're probably going to continue to fine tune it and be okay with that. Like, I want you guys to run with something you feel 80 percent confident with. So you can start getting active on the platform and don't hold yourself back because you don't feel like it's like perfect, like.

Just continue to wordsmith it as you go. Right. But when you share with me what you do, , I feel an initial like alignment to what this headline says and what you do right now, , if you want to do your own market research, , is this a brand new business or do you have [00:04:00] current clients you're working with now?

So it is a brand new business. I have worked with it about now. I've had the opportunity now to work with like eight or nine paying clients . So I just launched at the beginning of the year and quit my job in October, 2022. So very new and very scary. Yes. I love this. , so what you may even want to do is reach back out to your previous clients or current clients.

And ask them what their transformation was. Like there is no better way to get a good powerful headline than to ask people like. What was their transformation with you? What attracted you to them? Um, what are some descriptors of working with you? What makes you different as, um, you know, a health coach, life coach, because what is going to matter, what's going to matter on LinkedIn is what makes you stand out from the rest of them.

Just like for me, there's, there's tons of LinkedIn coaches. Right. So what made me [00:05:00] stand out amongst the rest of them? We're all different and we can all impact so many different people based on energetically who we're aligned with. Right. Um, I believe there's plenty of LinkedIn coaches out there helping a lot of people, depending on who they're aligned to based off of our unique way of, of doing things that make us different.

Right. Um, So I would, I would survey current clients, past clients. And I think that that'll help you come back to your headline. Um, and even if you're looking for more pizzazz or uniqueness, um, you may be able to come back to it, but I think this is a really great foundation, a really great foundation.

Love that. Thank you for your feedback. So, so thankful. Um, yeah. Awesome. Thank you. And congrats to the new business. Oh, thank you. The first year is it's, it takes tenacity and just tenacity and consistency. Yeah. There's a lot of fighting self [00:06:00] doubt right now, but that's okay. I am so inspired by you and I'm so happy to be here and.

I hope you have a beautiful time receiving and Bollie. Oh, thank you so much. Well, I'm excited for you and just know that like, we all have wall kicking moments, um, at every level. Um, just three months into launching my business, my, like my, I lost like everything, my entire, all my accounts got hacked. I lost all of my network.

Like it was a disaster. There's been so many learning moments. Um, so, but I'm here. Right. He who perseveres and doesn't quit. Right. It's just persistence. So I'm excited for you.

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