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Hot Seat Coaching with Melissa Henault


On today’s episode of the Burn Out to All Out podcast we are going to be talking to a couple of our Facebook group members, Moyra Gorski and Julie Wilcox-Jones.  Each week in the Burn Out to All Out Facebook group, one member gets chosen for a hot-seat coaching session.  Moyra and Julie both submitted excellent questions this week, so they were the winners.  


Melissa and Moyra break down search methods on LinkedIn, so you can better connect with the people that are actually a fit for what you are looking for.  They discuss BOOLEAN and how this method will work for you.


Julie and Melissa chat about LinkedIn profiles and what should be included in that profile.  An incomplete or poorly written profile on LinkedIn can make all the difference in the world when looking to connect with others in your field. 


Want a hot seat?  Text question to 833-310-7171 to grab yours.  Standard text messaging rates apply per your provider.


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