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Putting things off is human nature. Turns out procrastination is a form of stress relief — not laziness. That’s why it’s crucial to encourage your customers to make easy and fast decisions or they just won’t.

Tune into this hot seat coaching session about creating urgency in your offers. Melissa teaches that sales psychology isn’t unethical — it gives your customer a gentle nudge in the right direction.  

If you’re not sure how to build offers that your audience wants now, this is the episode for you.

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Sara [00:00:00]:

So the latest is and again, I was saying thank you so much for your slide decks because I, decided to do an evergreen, which, the goal is to roll that out tomorrow. literally for the last week and a half, I think I've done a 136 slides, like my eyeballs are crossed. it's insane. but they're, like, ready to go. So I've created my Evergreen, and then I took my breaking out breaking news academy, which I've just finished. We completed it my 8 week course. And I've redone all the slides, and I'm recording those and putting them all into my website. So that way, it's going to be more on demand. And kind of like with you just popping in, I'm gonna pop in twice a week just depending on times for TV people, for the morning show people, I'll pop in in afternoons, and for the evening people, I'll pop in in the mornings. So twice a week, they'll have access to meet for 30 minutes. to ask questions about the modules or resume review or whatever they need. So all of that is hopefully launching literally tomorrow. So the evergreen video will go out, and it is 52 minutes and at minute 37, like you said, is so the crazy thing is I created it. I'm like, I'm just going for it. I'm just gonna one time record it. I can do it in one shot. I did. I went back and looked. And at that 37 mark, minute mark is where I opened up my cart, which is where you were like, yeah, 37 to 42 minutes. nailed it without even trying, which was super exciting. And, yeah, so I'm going to start sending that out. My question to you guys or to you, Melissa, would be, you know, I have those 210 people who signed it for my last launch, which was a big old 0 because I screwed up, and they missed it. because of my timing of my email campaign. So I'm thinking of setting it up going, oops. Sorry. I know a lot of you're still interested in this. Like, as a thank you for signing up. Even though you missed it, here is here it all is in one shot. It's under an hour. Take a listen. If you wanna work with me in the end, it explains it more. So sending that out on an email. And then with my follow ups, kind of like a post nurture sequence, I'm thinking of offerings. I have been doing some 2 days with resume help. And it's 45 minutes, 200 bucks, and we literally nail their resume, and we're done with it in 45 minutes. It's so much fun. So, That would be because my follow-up would be a lower end offer just to this group because my next live launch isn't until July. Thoughts.

Melissa [00:02:20]:

Okay. So you got a list of 200. Uh-huh. And you're going to send them this,

Sara [00:02:27]:

-- Evergreen video. And when they buy into it, then it will get them right into my academy with all of my 8 modules already recorded with all the worksheets that go with everything. All that will be done.

Melissa [00:02:39]:

Perfect. What is your timeline for them to purchase in your pitch in the Evergreen?

Sara [00:02:43]:

It says 7 days.

Melissa [00:02:45]:

Perfect. okay. what what was your buy now bonus on, like, the it was the audit?

Sara [00:02:52]:

it was they actually get an extra well, there isn't necessarily buy now. It's if you, yeah, if you buy in the next 7 days, you get an extra module on how to monetize your influence.

Melissa [00:03:02]:

Oh, okay. So it's actually available to them after 7 days, but they get the bonus if they purchase in the next 7 days.

Sara [00:03:10]:

Yes. Okay. Well, I have it as it's only available in the next 7 days. And in this time, you get a bonus module. All of this is disappearing in 7 days. because I see myself taking that, how to monetize your influence and breaking that out into a low end digital offering for, you know, 97 bucks, something like that down the road.

Melissa [00:03:31]:

Yeah. No. That's awesome. I think that my only piece of advice for our future recordings, and this is for all of you guys. At least just what's worked for us is always have an irresistible act this moment and this minute bonus. the large majority of our sales come on

Sara [00:03:52]:


Melissa [00:03:53]:

they got 50 to 60% of our sales come on OpenCart day. Would you agree, Ally? Like, nearly half of our sales, And this was what I will say is, and I'm I'm new to the funnel, but I can say even with our funnel, the funnel that converted the best, We sold 5 tickets while we were streaming lives because we had, like, a buy now when we hang up, it's over. That hot thing is gone. So it forces people to act on emotion, which, Erin, my good friend would say that's the worst sales model. That's, like, hijacking people's nervous system, but I'm like, it fucking works. days you would probably say the same thing. but it works. So, to me, I'm just giving people the people who really want it the carrot to just take action instead of him and haul and talk themselves out of it. Right? So that's my argument back to Aaron. It's like, I'm not twisting people's arms. I'm just giving them a carrot to take action.

Sara [00:04:48]:

But with visiting an evergreen video, so this is one where I'm not live. I'm just emailing out this video, and I can because I know how to edit and make it all fancy. I mean, I can stop them in and add a slide and wear the same outfit and have my hair the same way and and make it look the same. I'm good at that crap. and I can add in there, hey, if you, you know, act on this in the next 7 days and or something like that or if you act on it, whatever, today, then I will give you, like, you and I will sit down and we will redo your resume. Top to bottom, and it's gonna be done in 45 minutes. Right? So I can -- Yeah.

Melissa [00:05:21]:

I mean, I I I think the key is you wanna catch people, you wanna encourage people to get their credit card out while they're live with you. You wanna give them the If you give them 7 days with the bonus being on that 7th day, we've all been consumers, right? If there's no sense of urgency, we're gonna wait till then. And then by then, we've tucked ourselves out of it, or we've forgotten about it. We didn't see your follow-up email, and it's over. Right? Now flip side of this, and this is too much urgency. I was on Ticketmaster the other day because for my daughter's 10th birthday, we take our kids wherever they want for their 10th birthday just with mom and dad, like, that is their birthday gift. Wesley wanted to go to see America's got talent in Vegas. So I get on ticket master, and I find the tickets. And I'm like, okay. Cool. And I'm like, about to walk away because I've got other things to do, and this little clock pops up. And it's like, you have 75 seconds before these tickets may no longer be available. And I'm like, fuck. You know? And I go and I, like, grab my credit card. And I'm like, trying to get my order in before the clock is over. Okay. We don't wanna be that aggressive, but the point is it would have taken me probably still wouldn't have the tickets if there wasn't some sense of urgency, but, actually, it did me a service as the buyer because now it's done. The box is checked don't have to circle back and do it later. I don't have to go back to the website like it's done. Right? So what I love about buy now bonuses is that these are people who are, like, already have their credit card Like, they are ready to join you, and you just need to give them a carrot to just be like, here. Like, we call it we talk about it. Mandy says it best. that that open cart day, these are the people who are already they were already gonna buy. Right? You're just giving them the motivation to just put in their card right now, and it boosts sales. from the beginning. So on our webinar, we had to act now bonus. I can't even remember what it was. It is we're doing roundtable audits. And, if you purchase before the live stream is over, you get to a roundtable audit of your profile, right? but that offer is no longer available once we're done live streaming. Now what happens in that cell, as I say it a couple of times throughout the webinar, right, at, like, we open card at, like, the 39th 40th minute, I'm talking about it, and then I'm recapping doing testimonials, reminding them to have a couple more minutes to make the decision and get the buy now bonus, sharing the top questions about the program, reminding them that I've got 3 more minutes to act on the bonus, then I'm covering a couple more questions and here's what's in the program one more time. You've got a couple more minutes to decide. It sounds really sales y, but it is, like, the psychology of the sale. You're like, the longer you stay on to, the more sales you get. people, it's funny. Ali can attest to this, but when we open cart, And we just go and go and go and answer questions. These are 2 different launch models, by the way, because I'm tee I'm going back and forth, and some of you are probably really confused. The webinar funnel, is, like, it's a 60 minute webinar, and it's a one way stream. And, they have to make a decision within that within that hour time. live launch is a 9 day. Right? We open cart on Thursday. but what I find is that The buy now bonus that we offer in our 9 day, we give it it's a 24 hour, but we do say seats are limited. and when they're full, we're done. Right? And so that creates mass urgency. We say why while for the when the seats are full or within the next twenty 4 hours, whichever comes first. And what I have found is we hold a Q and A session, at the end of the day 2 of the cart being open before the basically, right as the buy now bonus is going away. we answer questions. And, we had I can't tell you how many sales started to pop in and literally the last minute of the 24 hour where people were still last questions, asking questions, asking questions. And then someone's question was answered, and they purchased. And someone's answer was questioned, and they question was answered, and they purchased. So, you know, those sales drip in in those in our live launch, half of our sales happened in the 1st 24 hours. Like, 10% happen over the weekend, and then the other 40% happen, the day the cart closes. Right? so for all of you guys, I would think of something that creates urgency to purchase right now. And I just say we're rewarding you for acting fast. We wanna run with you. We wanna get you rapid results. how you logistically do that in a recap webinar. I don't think it's much different than the evergreen that we have. You know, you know, when you send out the email. Right? I guess the question is you don't know when they hit play. We have software. Jackie's got it all packed up and wired with some shit. I don't understand Kristen probably does, but, like, the moment they start to watch, like, it counts automatically, I don't know how, but it knows. that's probably a little too, like, you know, too much for just sending out an email. But what you could say is, you know, within a certain amount of, you could just say it anyway. right, and just see who purchase is. You're not gonna be able to you're not gonna be able to control that, but they don't know that. We can because we have the software. How do they know you don't have the software?

Sara [00:10:49]:

Right. That's exactly right. Yep. You know

Melissa [00:10:51]:

what I'm saying? So you could just be streaming live and be like, by the way, you know, for those of you streaming live before the end of this, and you just wanna make sure somewhere the link is there. If they're watching a a replay, Is the chat available? Like, how does that work? If they're watching a replay, is there a link for them, or are you gonna include the link in the email?

Sara [00:11:09]:

So this is, I mean, this is a prerecorded. I am finished with it, and it's just going to be an email click here to watch remember, these are the people who missed it. So click here. You're gonna get a chance to watch it all in one fell swoop, block out, you know, 45 minutes of your day, and you're gonna get all the answers to, you know, I have, like, six different questions that they have about leaving TV. So whenever they click on it, but I can then in a follow-up email that goes out I don't know, maybe an hour later going, hey. I don't know if you watched it yet, but, you know, here is the the act now offer, and this is going to be gone know, seats are limited. You're gonna have 7 days to enroll, but seats are limited for this buy now offer. and then I could do a reminder, and then quote, closed cart. Although, I mean, it's, you know, obviously already well closed. But -- So

Melissa [00:11:56]:

maybe that's what you do. Maybe it's like an ActNow offer you know, purchase within 24 hours, like, and basically for this beta, like, how are you gonna track that. Like, you could just do everybody to act now offer depending on how many people buy, or you can just decide at what point you've hit the threshold and then nobody else gets it. You know what I'm saying? But I would throw some kind of act now offer in there. and it should be you should have it done maybe immediately after the webinar is over. But if you can direct them, if there's a way for you to cut the video just a little bit to direct them of how and where to actually act now so that when they're done with the video, they know where to go to get it.

Sara [00:12:38]:

Mhmm. So it's I could even just tag on that at the very end of saying, hey. You've made it this far. You've watched this far. Like, here's the ag now offer. You know, once you go on and you you're gonna go ahead and got the QR code or you're going to the website, then here's the email where you're gonna email me that, yes, it is in, and we're gonna go ahead and actually, I have a scheduling link to this resume you know, VIP things so I can just send them that.

Melissa [00:13:03]:

Yeah. You totally can. I will tell you that a large majority of your audience will have fallen off by the end of the video

Sara [00:13:10]:

-- Mhmm. --

Melissa [00:13:11]:

versus, you know, in the in the 1st 45 minutes. Yes. Okay. That will be the only question many actually see the Act now offer if it's tacked on at the end?

Sara [00:13:19]:

Well, because the end, I don't open cart till 37 minutes, so so I'm hoping they stay through 37 minutes. Right?

Melissa [00:13:25]:

Well, that's what I'm saying is somewhere between, like, somewhere in that, like, presentation of the offer -- Okay.

Sara [00:13:31]:


Melissa [00:13:32]:

between the 37th in, like, 45th minute, I would I would fold in the the act now offer. Okay.

Sara [00:13:39]:

I will do that.

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