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Sit in on a live coaching call where Melissa talks with a client about her newly founded agency. Although Debi has set plans for her agency, questions remain on how to launch it and what her opt-in offer would be. How can they draw more attention to her done-for-you service solution for clients? Melissa suggests the answer lies in creating strategic partnerships and networking with intention.

Melissa shares insights from her own journey of establishing an agency. She explains her strategy of participating in speaking events and specifically focusing on the type of individuals who might be interested in joining her agency. Essentially, her approach revolves around providing free value to specific audiences, which in turn enhances brand recognition and attracts suitable prospective clients.

It’s crucial to meet your target buyer where they’re at to effectively connect with them at every stage of the customer journey, comprehend their demands, and present viable solutions that foster trust. Tune in to learn some useful tactics for launching your agency successfully and discover how providing free value can lead to meaningful relations and possible clients.

Topics discussed in this episode:

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Debi: [00:00:00] I've moved to just the agency launch, so I'm going to launch, go to market agency, which it's a combination of coaching and done for you support to help you create your go-to market plan from A to Z. A lot of coaches have all this information. They've done the courses, they whatever, but they don't have that kind of process. They don't get it in place and they just don't do it, is what I'm finding.

And accountability, like, hold me to accountability work with me weekly, just move me through that process. Is where I'm going. So I've scheduled a launch I'm busy with the nurture sequence. I've done that, but I don't have two things.

So I don't have an opt-in offer. I think I need to probably do that one. and number two, how do I just launch? the agency doors are opening we waiting for clients, but there's no come for something.

So I'm wondering, shall I do a launch before? Do I need a master class? Do I need to do something before to [00:01:00] pull people into that?

Melissa: Yeah. So tell me a little bit more about the value proposition of your agency.

Debi: So it's really gonna be the strategic side of building the GoTo.

Market plan. So starting from scratch, right? From why am I doing this? And another thing to mention, it's gonna look across three pillars all the time. Marketing, conscious communication, and business energetics. So whatever we do combines all three. So everything is around question, the energy that you do stuff with, and then the basic marketing 1 0 1.

But that's kind of underpinning everything the process is from. why are you doing what you do? Who are you speaking to? It's the kind of the obvious marketing stuff. Who are you speaking to? What is your channel strategy? How are you gonna go to market? what is your cost? What are the logistics around it?

how do you package that together, build the marketing flow, and then go to launch or sale or whatever it is. So but for now, [00:02:00] what I'm finding is as people don't have the money to invest, they want it for free and they just don't wanna pay.

That's what I'm finding.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, there's a couple of different strategies here. with the agency, I mean, it's done for you, right? Like you, you're doing the work for them. so the first thing I would consider is strategic partnerships and strategic networking to get you in front of the right audiences that would invest.

Right? So thinking about where your ideal client would be hanging out, who would they be? in conglomerates with, when I say strategic partnerships, it's like, when we were at the peak of our agency, where we got a lot of our agency clients from was through strategic networking, with social leaders, business leaders who had these large networks that followed them under their mentorship that needed our services, right?

So where I gained a lot of business for our company was being keynote speaker, [00:03:00] like giving totally free value on stage to certain audiences that were of a certain demographic in their business, right? So, like when Kelly Roche had me speak at Game Changers, all of these people pay between 30 and $80,000 to be in her group coaching masterminds, So when I'm on stage giving them tips and tricks around LinkedIn, These are people with the discretionary funds to be like, this is really cool, but I don't have time to do this. Can you do it for me? And it's like, we sure can. It's $20,000 buy-in and then it's $3,000 a month afterwards. And these people have, the discretionary funds to invest.

That is where hands down we've we gained all of our agency clients was through, high level networks of people who were targeted audiences with the discretionary funds to invest. So I would challenge you to think about where can you get in front of groups and bring totally free value to them,[00:04:00] but get brand awareness for them to wanna invest in you in the long run.

that's something to start looking at, you know, strategically networking on. then the other one, which I know you said you're not really interested in doing right now because you don't wanna be launching too many things at one time. But the other place we gained agency clients was through our master classes where we're presenting our low ticket, lower ticket offer, right?

With our academy. And we would mention, and you guys, if you've attended any of our master classes lately, we're not mentioning it at all cause we're not promoting it at all. But, we would mention if this is really intriguing to you, but you don't have the time, but you have the funds. We have a, a white glove agency where we do this for you, right?

So that's kind of the bottom up promotion of you've got these masses, you're doing a masterclass for lower ticket offer, but you're also pitching kind of infusion, selling this higher ticket offer for the right audience. While you're doing it, but I don't think that's where you are right now.

Debi: yeah, I wanna do the agency first.

I get, I actually got it. So simple. Eight week, exactly [00:05:00] how people can flow into this as a low ticket model for them to do it. Mm-hmm. Um, but I, I wanna do the agency first.

Melissa: Awesome. Yeah. So I think that, I would really start to brainstorm, strategic partnerships and this is where we have to get, creative with where you can give free value.

in order to get brand awareness in larger audiences and, get your word out and that's where the opt-in will be important, right? So if you can get in front of some audiences where you're giving some free value around strategic marketing plans, but always have that opt-in at the end of your presentation where people can grab that, opt-in and get into a conversation with them, and follow up through your email. Yeah.

Debi: And last question, then the opt-in that I was thinking was to have like a daily audio it takes you through an activation sequence of things to look at for your day, to work with your marketing, your business, and your energy through the day, to activate your business.

Melissa: I love it. I think that we'd never know [00:06:00] until we just put it out there and see like , how it's converting.

always think about the end game of sell them, what they think they need, and then give them what they actually need.

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