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You’re super excited about your next launch inspiration but

… when it comes to building programs, Melissa’s belief is that you sell it then build it.   Proof of concept is the wisest way to test your idea without wasting your hard-earned cash. 


Today’s hot-seat participant gets food for thought.  Tune in and so will you!

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[00:00:00] I'm kind of straddling multiple business ventures at the moment, which I'm not familiar with.

Um, you know, my whole experience has kind of been one on one visits and now moving into the space of, um, trying to launch a nutrition, a virtual nutrition company, so it would encompass hair saliva analysis and then hiring, um, health coaches to do the one on one coaching. So creating, I don't know, do I talk to a lawyer first to draw draft the contract?

Like, so I don't know what's intellectual property or, like, hiring employees, how, like, working out the, the program. Do you have the program mapped out yet? A very good rough draft. Yeah. [00:01:00] Um, so like having a basic program, there would be three month programs. Well, there'd be two. Three month options, uh, like a basic and then a more intensive, and then that would determine how many one on one calls you were selecting.

And then, um, for somebody who is just doing like general wellness care, then we would do a six month option for them, but it would have fewer one on one coaching availability. Um, so can I tell you my initial thought on this? Yes. And you can tell me I'm crazy because I'm sometimes I am, but yeah, and you may say you have no capacity for this, but, um, with draft with getting attorneys involved, drafting up contracts, hiring employees, um, it's a lot of work prior to a proven program.

And so what I would encourage you to [00:02:00] entertain, and again, you can tell me I have no capacity to do this, Melissa. I would encourage you. To have a proof of concept and potentially run it through yourself one time to like, um, I'm a huge advocate as we live by this to sell it and then build it. Yeah. My biggest fear is you spending tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, you know, hiring a bunch of people on board and I'm not saying your program is not going to be wildly successful, but I am an advocate of proving that a program is successful before putting, putting a bunch of gasoline in it, if that makes sense.

So I don't know what your capacity is. Um, to potentially collaborate before getting really big on this, um, if you could do, like, a beta where it's like a collaboration with folks who are just like a 1099, um, where you bring in. [00:03:00] Um, you know, a nutrition coach, um, or even maybe you even do like a swap, like, and I know the rules in California are a little bit different, but I know that you, you can do 10 99s with people, right?

They don't all have to be employees. Um, I think about like the program I'm launching, um, in October for next year, I have all kinds of collaborators coming in to do some group coaching in there. Um, and, um, I'm not even paying them. Um, it's really access to my network that they get and, um, visibility, um, inside my program.

I'm bringing in spirituality coaches. I'm bringing in energetics folks and like all kinds of people. Um, and if it really takes off. I'll really sit with my attorneys and draft up, you know, some contracts and some, you know, payment, um, you know, opportunities for them to come in as power partners that are on payroll.

Um, I've just seen a lot of entrepreneurs get burned, spending a lot of money on something before they have proof of [00:04:00] concept, and I'm not saying it's not going to be amazing, I would just encourage you to get creative with launching a beta with some folks that you can potentially 1099 or, um. Do some kind of swaps or promote them within your practice.

Like if you work with a nutrition coach, um, before you go way down in a rabbit hole with contracts with attorneys and stuff. And once you have a proof of concept, then go forward with it. That that's my two cents. How do you, how does that land on you? Yeah, I mean, I've done, I've done the testing for a number of years now, um, but I haven't wanted to go into the space of one on one coaching in a, in the sense of like meal planning and Like I do the initial review of the analysis, but I don't even really want to get into that.

Like, I want to send like a video recording of like, this is what your report is showing. If you would like more information, because most of the time [00:05:00] I've answered all their questions in 15 minutes, like. Right. So could you perhaps look at bringing on one nutritionist, one nutrition coach to 99 them? Yeah.

On kind of a per diem, like retainer, maybe fee for service. We've got, I've got coaches in our program that are like per diem. Like I've got two or three coaches inside the academy, um, who do audits like one on one with clients. Like we'll have clients come through who just want special one on one time.

Um, and they just keep track of their hours and then submit them to me every month and I pay them. And they're 1099. And I'm just wondering if you could start with something a little bit smaller. Yeah, that makes sense. And then once you have the proof of concept, then it's time to go to the attorneys and like beef it up and hire more coaches.

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