With the right strategy, you can live a more sustainable, purposeful, and fulfilling life that aligns with the impactful business you were called to lead.

It will take you months – not years – to adopt a sustainable business blueprint that is designed to support the empire you’re building in business, in legacy, and in life.

Where profitable strategy meets your personal priorities.


What if...

You could tap into the strategy, instruction, coaching, accountability, and community that we high-achieving entrepreneurs crave WHILE accelerating your trajectory toward your energetically sustainable, yet scalable business?

Fellow do-it-all CEO, look no further. You CAN.

The Good News

By choosing the path of entrepreneurship, you’ve committed to your vision, your impact, your abundance, and the legacy you’re leaving on the world.

That takes balls and only the truly brave-hearted are cut out for it – AKA YOU.

The Not-So-Good News

The success rate for online businesses is only 10-20%.
The truth is that only 10% of online businesses succeed on average, with most failing within the first 120 days.

I’m here to change that.

My Mission

I’m here to support scaling entrepreneurs as they radically expand their success quotient, not just in their financial reports, but also in their impact, their passion, their legacy, and their life.

I’ll show you how to create a life that aligns with your personal definition of success – personally, professionally, and inner-personally.

I won’t only teach you how to grow your bank account, but I’ll help you grow your belief in what is possible.

No Matter Who You Are...

how long you’ve been in business, what your industry, or what your experience you have, you could be making a lot more money than you currently are – and be doing it with a whole lot more support.

➢ If you’ve been overworking, underearning, and overstressing for too long…

➢ If you’ve been trying to figure out how to build a business by yourself, with no map to guide you…

➢ If you haven’t had the chance to network and grow alongside fellow business owners who know exactly what you’re going through…

you’re earning a great income, but you can’t keep up this pace forever because burnout takes over.

is exactly where you need to be.

Do any (or all) of these sound like you?

❏ You can’t keep giving so much of your CEO time.

You have a successful business, but as life changes, your priorities shift, and your time becomes even more precious. You need a solution that leverages your experience but doesn’t require SO MUCH of YOU.

❏ You’re ready for the fastlane (with trusted carpool buddies).

You aren’t afraid of the hard work and are used to getting $h*% done on your own, but you’d rather get the inside strategies so you can skip the big mistakes and fast-forward the travel time to your destination.

❏ You’re looking for structure.

Your to-do list is already loooong. And the number of online courses you’ve bought (and have waiting at the bottom of your inbox) feel almost as overwhelming. You’re looking for the infrastructure and accountability that builds time for education AND implementation into your schedule.

❏ You’re tired of your business dominating your life.

Your business feels like your 5th limb, but you’ve realized you also want to care for the rest of your body, mind, and soul. Whether you’ve just had a baby, are taking care of a parent, or are ready for a change, you’re seeking strategies to create space to do the work that matters & be with the people that matter.

❏ You’re ready for support and a like-minded community.

Even though you’re killing the game, you haven’t yet figured out how to run with your fellow scaling entrepreneurs. You know it’s time to scale so you can impact more lives and expand your income, but you’re so over doing it all by yourself.


I want you to take a moment and imagine

✔︎ Serving. So. Many. People. Your impact is no longer tied to your 1:1 zoom calls. How good would it feel to reach more, for less of YOU?

✔︎ Closing the computer (and still making income & impact). Your scalable business has given you the freedom to enjoy the people, hobbies, and places that feed your soul, guilt-free.

✔︎ Working smarter, not harder. You’re leveraging your skill, expertise, and passion in a way that respects your time and lights you up! Doing less is actually more fulfilling.

✔︎ Feeling supported. Just because you love building your empire, doesn’t mean you love building alone. You finally have the community of fellow business owners AND a trusted coach and advisor who understands you. Feels good to have these entrepreneurs unquestionably in your corner, doesn’t it?

✔︎ Having a proven roadmap to follow. You’ve got the passion. You have the expertise. What you really need is the action plan. You’re ready for the strategic playbook so you can spend less time researching (or searching) and more time implementing.

All this is possible for you.

You can have it all (and more) by simply tapping into the strategy, instruction, coaching, accountability, and community that come with the


Join ELEVATE 360 and teach you how to:

✔︎ Make more money, without killing yourself with tons of more work.

✔︎ Create a sustainable business infrastructure that can one day run without you.

✔︎ Work towards becoming a millionaire — without sacrificing your family time, mental or physical health, or core values.

✔︎ Build generational wealth so that your kids (and their kids) will have access to assets, abundance, and more options in life.

✔︎ Learn how to grow your CEO mindset, so you can lead at the highest possible level.

Inside of the Burnout to All Out Community

The Mastermind is so multi-dimensional. The branding, systems and processes. For me to be organized is propelling me and my business to new heights.


No matter where you are on your journey, this business mastermind is designed to ELEVATE you to the next level of your success.

Because here’s the reality, no two definitions of success are exactly the same – but true success in business, life, and beyond are yours for the taking — when you have the right support in place!

To help you get unstuck from your current business roadblocks, even faster, we use the 360 Approach and the 5 Systems of Support.

The 5 Systems of Support
360 Approach. 5 Pillars. 365 Days.

pillar one

Your Personalized Learning Plan

✔︎ Custom 1:1 90 min kickoff strategy session with CEO + Founder of Burnout to All Out, Melissa Henault and CIO Jackie Denewitt.

✔︎ During this session, you’ll be supported in crafting a global business plan. You’ll clarify your big picture business and lifestyle goals so you can craft a plan to actualize them, with ease

pillar two

Access to All Burnout to All Out Programs

✔︎ The LinkedIn Method Academy ($10k value) – Learn how to create the ultimate lead generation system for your business using The LinkedIn Method approach.

✔︎ Business Basics Mini Mastermind ($16k value) – Want to know the critical factors that scaled Burnout to All Out to a multi 7 figure brand in 4 years?  This program takes you through the six core projects you need to create a solid business foundation ready to scale.

✔︎ The Modern Entrepreneur Method ($6k Value) – Bodies build businesses. Learn how to optimize entrepreneurial performance while also gaining the superpower of acting on intuition to scale without burnout, learn how to take better care of yourself, so you’ll build a better business.

Pillar three

Live Group Coaching with CEO Melissa Henault and CIO Jackie Denewitt + Industry Experts

✔︎ Monthly Mastermind group calls for accountability, guest speakers to share the latest and greatest in an ever-changing online environment, hot seat coaching sessions to gain clarity in growing your business, and community support to leverage the expertise and network of your fellow mastermind members.
✔︎ Bi-monthly live office hours (on alternating weeks as live group coaching) with our leadership team experts in all areas of importance in growing your business (Branding, Marketing, Sales, Systems, Leadership) Designed for you to pop in when you need the extra support from our experts or to glean learnings from your peers.

Pillar four

Accountability Through Exclusive 1:1 Coaching

Accountability support from Melissa Henault and Jackie Denewitt, to take a deep dive into your personal growth strategies.  You’ll receive 1 coaching call with Melissa and Jackie every other month.

You’ll also be assigned to a year long accountability group with a few of your peers.

You’ll be held accountable so your goals live outside of your mind and are actualized with action.

pillar five

Instant Brand Authority

Become a Best-selling author.
✔︎ You’ll contribute a chapter (with professional guidance) to our ELEVATE 360, collaborative book. In addition to sharing your expert value, you’ll be able to add bestselling author to your credentials!
✔︎ Featured Speaker in The Burnout to All Out Virtual Summit
✔︎ VIP “Million Dollar” Digital Brand. Looking elevated online is essential for scaling your virtual business. You’ll receive a branding photo shoot and professional video shoot to help you position your brand to attract your dream clients.

Transformational Experiential Retreats

Join us, in person, to grow your personal and professional vision and mastermind relationships. You’ll be guided through professional expansion, mindset shifts, wellness practices, and more! During the Elevate 360 Mastermind, you’ll get VIP access to the following immersive experiences:

Modern Entrepreneur Retreat in Davidson, North Carolina — 2 days of personal growth and metamorphosis to refresh you and your business.

Mastermind Retreat at Civana Wellness Resort in Carefree, Arizona — 5 days of business mastery, collaboration, breakthrough, and personal expansion.

Silver Ticket to Burnout to All Out Live 2024 — Exclusive access to the next Burnout to All Out Live Event including a private welcome dinner, premium seating, exclusive swag, and more!

Learn More About Elevate 360

Think about what is possible with all that business sustainability:

✨ Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night without feeling guilty.

✨ Hiring a house manager to take care of the details that somehow always take the backburn.

✨ Leaving generational wealth for your family.

✨ Giving back to your local and entrepreneurial communities.

✨ Reaching even more people in a way that aligns with YOU.

Meet Your Support Team

Featured Speaker


Chris Harder

Chris Harder is an entrepreneur, investor, avid philanthropist, and podcaster.

After an 11-year career as an executive and partner in the banking industry, he retired from banking in 2011 and partnered with his wife, Lori, to start and scale four different multi-million dollar businesses, along with investing in several other successful startups.

Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance, Chris is the host of the top-rated podcast, “For The Love Of Money,” ( aimed at helping entrepreneurs bust through their limiting money-mindset beliefs in order to become unapologetic about their pursuit of wealth and success. Chris also the founded the Elite Entrepreneur Mastermind, helping seven-figure business owners scale their business through carefully curated collaboration, along with the Fast Foundations mastermind, helping entrepreneurs in their early stages of business. Chris’ core belief and motto is that “when good people make good money, they do great things!


With the right strategy, you can live a more sustainable, purposeful, and fulfilling life that aligns with the impactful business you were called to lead.

It will take you months – not years – to adopt a sustainable business blueprint that is designed to support the empire you’re building in business, in legacy, and in life.

With all the guidance and support, you'll KNOW EXACTLY how to

✔︎ Recalculate your business “numbers” so you know exactly how many clients you need to serve each week to reach your goals, while protecting your energy

✔︎ Tell your story to serve your potential clients

✔︎ Define your secret sauce including your positioning, niche, and differentiation

✔︎ Shift from an entrepreneurial to a CEO mindset

✔︎ Market your business without needing to do it all on your own

✔︎ Overcome mental blocks around scaling your business

✔︎ Experience mindset shifts around operating your own business

✔︎ Get better at time management and goal-setting skills as an 6 or 7 Figure Entrepreneur

✔︎ Hold yourself and others accountable

✔︎ Elevate to the next level of your success

Meet the Founder

Hey there, I’m Melissa Henault!

I grew up in a home where money was in short supply.

My mom worked 3 jobs to make ends meet and she refused to let our circumstances limit our opportunities.

She pulled extra shifts where she could bring me along: like being a camp director in the summer where I was a camper and a teacher’s assistant at my school, and volunteering at the church nursery on the weekends where I would help rock the babies. I saw her hustle and optimizing.

Her motto was “There are always others that have it worse, we are blessed”.

Her work ethic imprinted on me as a child, as did her involving me in her work at an early age. As a pre-teen, she even debated and won getting my first job on-site at her summer camp as the youngest paid camp counselor ever.

I was an ultra-poor kid, living with my grandmother and mom in the most affluent town in the state. While my mom could barely afford our groceries while living in the basement of my grandparents’ mansion, we would drive through the neighborhood to see people fly in their personal airplanes to the landing strip in the community.

I felt the gap. I needed to figure out how to close it. The way I figured, you either ended up building your own empire and dreams, or you spent your life’s work building someone else’s-I wanted to buy the whole damn building.

Fast forward a few years:

At just 29 years old, I was already scaling the corporate ladder with my peers across the table the same age as my father.

A young go-getter, corporate ladder sprinter.

I thought I had it all: a multiple six-figure salary, my first-class flights, company car, fancy hotels…

But something didn’t feel right. My job fed my family, but it didn’t feed my soul.

Worn out, working long hours, leaving my kids behind to be raised by nannies. I realized, I was living out my mom’s life with just a higher paycheck (and not including my kids in my work) I was a slave to my career, trading time for money. Sure, we had a great house, great neighborhood….but if you took a peek behind the curtain…My relationship with my husband was strained b/c we were passing each other in the night, my health was suffering from the stress of work, and my children didn’t have a present mother. I was upgrading life for my kids in some ways, but in others, I was digressing…my mom was at least around while she hustled. She was at least present to influence me and mentor me.

I was out of sight. Just having money wired to the bank account to feed the family.

My husband and I really wanted a 3rd child, but both agreed that my current work situation would make it unbearable to manage a third child at the time and this nearly broke my soul….

So, I started to think outside the box (channeling my mother’s creativity to make income).

I began running an e-commerce business on the side. I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me…I didn’t start because I thought I was going to make a million dollars. I started because it gave me JOY, I was in control, I could create and lead on my own.

Within 1.5 years of starting my “cute hobby,” it eclipsed my corporate income and I began to realize the power of the internet and the networking and recruiting skills I had mastered on the LinkedIn™ platform to grow my business.
I fired my boss in my 9th month of pregnancy with my third child and spent the next year in bliss, enjoying the residual, six-figure income I had created, and settled into a totally different mom life – a mom that was present.

It was the first of three kids that I actually heard his first words, saw his first steps and it was magical and heavenly.

As my littlest one got a little bigger, and I came out of my cocoon….I realized my attraction marketing methods could work for anyone trying to start a business, and with my passion for teaching others, I launch my LinkedIn Method coaching program.

With immense gratitude for being able to make a living with such flexibility, from home, I was compelled to teach others how to do the same…

Buying the whole damn building:

Since then I’ve been blessed to make this a million-dollar business of my own. But what I’m most proud of is that I’ve been able to help HUNDREDS of incredible everyday entrepreneurs (like you!) from all walks of life add commas to their bank accounts and live with purpose.

You have to spend money to make money... I invested in you and that's the best money I ever spent.

Julie Cober

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably the perfect fit for this mastermind, but just to be certain, make sure you align with the following criteria.

❏  You’re earning a great income, but you can’t keep up at this pace forever because burnout is starting to take over.

❏ You’re an ambitious person with big vision who wants to make more money with more purpose and ease.

❏ You’re an entrepreneur who runs a small business, and wants to earn a big paycheck– but you’re not sure how to make it happen.

❏ You want to upgrade your social circle and start surrounding yourself with high-caliber, like-minded people who motivate you to ELEVATE to your highest self.

❏ You want to build generational wealth that will change your life, your kids’ lives, and their kids’ lives.

“A thousand times yes”?

Then this program was most likely BUILT for you.

Let’s do this, so you can keep doing this.

Your business and the demands of modern entrepreneurship can’t afford to ignore the Elevate360 approach


With the right strategy, you can live a more sustainable, purposeful, and fulfilling life that aligns with the impactful business you were called to lead.

It will take you months – not years – to adopt a sustainable business blueprint that is designed to support the empire you’re building in business, in legacy, and in life.

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