3 Steps to Strategically Plan Your Year in Business

You created a business so you could focus on what you love.

And you’re ready to grow … but you need a plan.

Because without some pointed direction from the CEO (yep, that’s you!), it feels like your time freedom gets put on hold while you throw yet another launch on the calendar, and your financial goals scoot further into the future.

Fortunately, all it takes is a little strategic planning to get your business and team on track for the year ahead.  

(There’s no rule that says you have to wait til next January!) 

You need a clear path to get to the next level in your business.

Maybe you’ve plateaued in your business. For a while, you felt so successful. You were growing, creating the business & healthy, wealthy life you wanted. But that growth has slowed.

You know you need some new goals taped over your desk, but you haven’t had time to work through how to get your business where you want it.

Or maybe you’ve been seeing growth, but you’re still hustling.

Your color-coded calendar is a rainbow burst of launches and campaigns that feel disjointed and rushed. Worse yet, you’re stuck working when your kids are out of school (or your besties are planning a beach week), you’re wayyy overdue for a haircut, and that vacation you promised yourself still hasn’t happened. 

Amid all that, planning for your business feels like another task on your busy to-do list.


3 Steps to Strategically Plan Your Year in Business


The right order for building out your calendar for the year ahead (yes, you can do this any time of year) to protect your time freedom while maximizing your revenue potential


How to calculate your annual goals in the context of your dream budget—and how that money outlook affects your offers and calendar decisions


How to pull it all together with clarity into a consolidated marketing plan that guides your team’s efforts and gives you confidence that you’re working on things that will actually get you to your destination


I’ll also show you how I set up my planning sessions, retreat-style.

meet melissa henault

I’m a corporate dropout turned Founder + CEO of a 7-figure online business, serving entrepreneurs as their go-to LinkedIn Expert, Business Strategist + Coach, and Podcast Host.

Through my online education programs, group coaching collectives, and live events, I teach driven individuals how to create game-changing results in their businesses. If you’re ready, I’ll help you cultivate similar (+ greater) levels of success. 

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